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Security Scorecard

Andrej Spuler

Recognized as a highly skilled and technically astute technical director of software start-ups, I am able to make substantial contribution in driving various initiatives to maximize security in technology and achieve remarkable service.

As a Technical Lead, Senior Developer, and Information Security Manager; I take great pride in:

• Providing remarkable service in project management, team management, software architecture, and information security management in developing critical parts of the system.
• Offering system and security management expertise in recognizing and resolving security threats, as well as architecting and delivering security solutions.
• Ensuring the provision of exceptional management and support to various projects to the highest standards and obtaining ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO27001:2013 compliance.
• Establishing and mentoring highly qualified teams to contribute in improving the entire operational systems.

Exemplifying remarkable capacity to work efficiently even with changing priorities and maintaining focused even during challenging situations; I am able to recognize and rectify system breaches and inadequacies, as well as implement various security measures and resolve technical issues.

If you're in need of a professional with a comprehensive background in software architecture and information security management, then we should definitely connect.

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