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Security Scorecard


SecurityScorecard のプロフェッショナルサービスは、最近グループ会社に加わった LIFARS により、インシデントの修正とリスクの緩和に向けてただちに措置を講じることができます。インシデントが発生しており、支援が必要な場合は、できるだけ速やかにお知らせください。無料のアカウントを作成して、潜在的なサイバーセキュリティリスクの評価を開始できます。

導入企業は 20,000 社以上

SecurityScorecard がサイバーセキュリティとコンプライアンスの点で最適な選択と言える理由についてご覧いただけます。

SecurityScorecard SMS アラートに登録する

01/20/2022 SecurityScorecard ALERT: CISA advisory – Prepare for data-wiping cyberattacks. Implement Cybersecurity Measures Now to Protect Against Potential Critical Threats: DOWNLOAD HERE

01/11/2022 SecurityScorecard ALERT: CISA, FBI, and NSA Cybersecurity Advisory: Mitigating Russian State Sponsored Cyber Threat –DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

12/14/2021 SecurityScorecard ALERT iPhone Security Vulnerability: The iOS 15.2 update fixes 42 serious security vulnerabilities. Update as soon as possible before attackers strike. Update details:

12/13/2021 SecurityScorecard ALERT: Apache Releases Log4j Version 2.15.0 to Address Critical RCE Vulnerability Under Exploitation. Review the Apache Log4j 2.15.0 Announcement HERE. Upgrade to Log4j 2.15.0 or apply the recommended mitigations immediately.

12/8/2021 SecurityScorecard SMS ALERT: SonicWall has released a security advisory to address vulnerabilities affecting SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 series appliances. A remote attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system. View SonicWall Advisory

12/3/2021 SecurityScorecard SMS ALERT TLP: WHITE FBI and CISA warning APT Actors Exploiting CVE-2021-44077 in Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

11/22/2021 SecurityScorecard SMS ALERT – FBI, CISA, and CGCYBER have reports of malicious cyber actors using exploits against CVE-2021-40539 to gain access to ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

11/19/2021 SecurityScorecard SMS ALERT TLP:WHITE – FBI Issues Flash Alert on Actively Exploited FatPipe VPN Zero-Day Bug. Zero-day vulnerability enables a remote attacker to upload a file to any location on the filesystem on an affected device:

11/16/2021 SecurityScorecard SMS ALERT: Chrome vulnerabilities have been discovered. Google has released Chrome version 96.0.4664.45 This version addresses vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to take control of an affected system. Upgrade now.

11/14/2021 SecurityScorecard SMS ALERT FBI Update – A software misconfiguration temporarily allowed an actor to leverage the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) to send fake emails:

11/13/2021 SecurityScorecard SMS ALERT: FBI Server hack. Beware of emails impersonating FBI warnings that your network was breached. Messages may come from: “[email protected]” Subject: “Urgent: Threat actor in systems.” Email IP address (