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IR Retainer

Incident Response within hours, anywhere in the world

Update on our IR retainer service

SecurityScorecard recently acquired a DFIR firm called LIFARS. With this acquisition, we are now able to offer an IR retainer service to our customers.

With the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the heightened cybersecurity alerts issued by the White House and CISA, many organizations are now rushing to purchase IR retainers like this. We are seeing this firsthand, and we expect our capacity of IR retainers for 2022 to sell out within the next few weeks.

If you think your organization might want to purchase an IR retainer at some point in 2022, then we'd encourage you to book an initial meeting with one of our DFIR specialists to discuss options.

In the meeting, they'll walk you through a series of discovery questions (e.g. how many endpoints do you need to protect?) then recommend an IR retainer for your organization (including the response SLA and related pricing). They will also let you know when the retainer would become available.

If you want to set up this meeting, fill in the form below.

Meet with an IR Specialist
How does the IR retainer service work?

Watch this video to see LIFARS founder Ondrej Krehel and SecurityScorecard CISO Mike Wilkes discuss the concept of IR retainers, and how the LIFARS incident response team can be deployed globally within hours