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1.2 Using a BOT User

Leverage Bot Users for deploying integrated 

Bot users are API access only accounts that enable customers to spread out their API usage to multiple accounts without having to associate them to real employee accounts.  

This is beneficial especially for customers who use our SSO capability or for customers who use one of our integrations, or have built out their own production ready applications. 

Creating a Bot User

Creating a BOT user is a 3 step process and requires admin access. You can follow the following steps in the SecurityScorecard platform

  1. Go through the normal process of adding a new user but on the top right check the checkbox to indicate that it's a bot and then set the name and access level
    1. Bot users can be created as Administrators, a regular user or a read only user. 
    2. Depending on their access level, your ability to do certain operations with them will be limited.
    3. Bot users can have their own private portfolios or access any portfolio that is shared to them.
  2. Search for the user you just created in the list and generate a new token
  3. Once a token is generated, copy it and keep it safe.

Admins can generate new tokens for a bot user at any time in the future but please note that the previous token will be automatically revoked