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1. Getting Started

SecurityScorecard's REST API

The SecurityScorecard's APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) powers our ratings platform. Behind these APIs is a software layer that enables every company in the world to understand, communicate, and improve each other’s security posture.  

SecurityScorecard REST API provides many separate services for getting access to our ratings and detailed findings, creating and downloading reports, tracking changes in scorecards, managing your alerts and portfolios and a whole lot more. 

This guide is designed to help users get started with our API's and understand which API's to use based on the use case they are trying to solve.  If you would like access to our full API reference you can find that here.

Please use the guide below or the navigation links on the left hand menu to find the content you are looking for.

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Getting Started
Security Ratings
Track Changes on Scorecard
Improve Your Rating
Compliance Reports
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