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9. Invitations

Invite users to SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard allows you to invite either a teammate or a vendor to the SecurityScorecard platform via an API endpoint. This allows you to invite large sets of vendors at once simply by scripting against the invite user API endpoint.

Invite a User to SecurityScorecard

This API endpoint allows you to invite a teammate or a vendor to SecurityScorecard. You can check out the full specification for this endpoint here

Resource URI



Name Required Description
email Y The Email Address of the person you want to invite
first_name Y The first name of the person you are inviting
last_name Y The last name of the person you are inviting
target_url N Where to take the invitee to when arriving to the platform. if specified, must be an internal route and only some routes are allowed for security reasons please validate this in advance, or value could be ignored)
message Y Provide a message to the person you are inviting, typically covering actions you want them to take after joining the SecurityScorecard platform
domain N The invited company domain
grade_to_maintain N For vendors, provide what the minimum grade that you want them to maintain.
days_to_resolve_issue N For vendors, provide the number of days you want them to resolve issues after joining the platform.
sendme_copy N Do you want to recieve a copy of the invitation? Y/N

Sample Code:

            curl -X POST \
                -H 'Accept: application/json' \
                -H 'Authorization: Token <Your API Key>' \
                -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
                -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
                -d '{"email": "[email protected]","first_name": "John",  "last_name": "Smith", "message": "Hey John, why don't you checkout your scorecard on SecurityScorecard"}'

Sample Response:

    "id": "5d4c582ab82ed8001850c4d8"