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10.3 Get Detailed metadata on a specific issue type

Get Detailed metadata on a specific issue type

This API endpoint allows you to get detailed metadata on a specific issue type including the risk, recommendation and severity of the issue. You can check out the full specification for this endpoint here

Resource URI

/metadata/issue-types/{Issue Type Key}


Name Required Description
No parameters

Sample Code:

            curl -X GET \
                -H 'Accept: application/json' \
                -H 'Authorization: Token <Your API Key>' \
                -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
                -H 'cache-control: no-cache'

Sample Response:

    "factor": "patching_cadence",
    "key": "patching_cadence_high",
    "long_description": "Based on scan data, the company had high severity CVE vulnerability that was open longer than 30 days after the CVE was published. High severity CVEs are those with a documented CVSS severity over 7.0. It is best practice in standards such as PCI DSS to mitigate or patch high severity vulnerabilities within 30 days. Details on each vulnerability are listed in the table below.",
    "recommendation": "Monitor CVE lists and vulnerability repositories for exploit code that may affect your infrastructure. Subscribe to the BugTraq mailing list to be alerted to new exploits and vulnerabilities as they are released. Maintain a regular updating schedule for all software and hardware in use within your enterprise, ensuring that all the latest patches are implemented as they are released.",
    "severity": "high",
    "short_description": "High severity vulnerability seen on network more than 30 days after CVE was published.",
    "title": "High Severity CVEs Patching Cadence"