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2. Get Security Ratings

SecurityScorecard offers customers with two levels of security ratings data.  We provide ratings on both companies as well as entire industries.

  • Top Level Security Ratings - The Rating is based on 75+ issue types with weighted levels of severity that are analyzed by SecurityScorecard’s proprietary platform and packaged into a score for every rated organization. Scores are expressed as A, B, C, D and F ratings.
  • Individual Factor Level Security Ratings - The SecurityScorecard platform scores on 75+ issue types. These data sets are normalized, assigned weights, and aggregated into factor-level subtotals for a defined set of cohorts (based on IP footprint). The factor level subtotals are then ranked, scaled and distributed over a numeric range of 0-99 (F-A). The scored factors include: 
      • Network Security: Detecting insecure network settings
      • DNS Health: Detecting DNS insecure configurations and vulnerabilities 
      • Patching Cadence: Out of date company assets which may contain vulnerabilities or risks
      • Endpoint Security: Measuring security level of employee workstations and mobile devices
      • IP Reputation: Detecting suspicious activity, such as malware or spam, within the company network
      • Application Security: Detecting common website application software vulnerabilities
      • Cubit Score: Proprietary algorithm checking for implementation of common security best practices
      • Hacker Chatter: Monitoring hacker sites for chatter about company
      • Information Leak: Potentially confidential company information which may have been inadvertently leaked
      • Social Engineering: Measuring employee awareness to a social engineering or phishing attack

With SecurityScorecard API's you can: