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Ratings Release Notes

Fast Score

Rate any organization in under 5 minutes with SSC’s new SecurityScorecard Sentinel scanning engine

Deliver the information needed, fast. This is imperative for situations requiring on-demand ratings on a new entity, such as determining risk in M&A or cyber insurance.

Company Hierarchy

Drill into subsidiaries, business unit, or brands and view security data specific to a particular part of the organization

Security teams are able to understand how different subsidiaries and departments are doing in terms of cybersecurity to know where to put more focus.

Custom Scorecard

Create individualized views of security data and reporting for business units, geographies, and specific targeted organizations

Vendor Risk Managers are able to focus on the exact business unit they are doing business with, while still seeing the bigger picture of the parent entity to assess the risk properly.

Digital Footprint

Discover and see your entire threat landscape, identify shadow IT, and continuously monitor changes in your digital ecosystem

CISO’s and SecOps teams get a complete picture of the IT estate - including all endpoints, apps, and web domains, to prevent shadow IT from becoming a security threat.

SecurityScorecard Sentinel

See faster, get more actionable information, and respond faster to keep up with threat actors

SecOPs teams are able to react quickly to threat actors, responding to Zero-Day incidents faster, and reducing the risk exposure timeline.

Board Reporting

Provides real-time board-level reporting and trends for your digital ecosystem

Don’t spend hours poring over data to report to executives. Get board-level reports offering insights on ecosystem risk trends, compliance, and more, packaged for delivery in minutes.

Evidence Locker

Open exchange of VRM data to automate and accelerate vendor risk security assessments

Evidence Locker is your single source for TPRM documentation, allowing teams to automatically populate vendor and compliance questionnaires with stored data by exchanging this information between Atlas and Ratings.

Commenting on Scorecards

Provide additional context for business partners assessing your Scorecard

Give additional details to companies that follow your organization. Scorecard comments appear on your Scorecard page and in your Company Profile.

Company Profile Enhancements

Proactively publish security-related information and curated details

Import non-confidential company data to streamline the completion of your company profile. A completed profile shows that your organization is taking cybersecurity seriously.

2-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security, protecting your organization

Choose among several common authenticator apps to implement two-factor authentication.

In-Platform Email Enhancements

Easily invite vendors to collaborate for a more secure supply chain.

Fine-tune or co-brand your invitations to vendors, then set and track vendor improvements by setting score expectations.