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Integrate360° Marketplace Release Notes

Integrate360° Marketplace

Take your security to the next level with 40+ integrations, additional data, & service providers

Integrate360° is SecurityScorecard’s marketplace of integrations that work with what you have. Discover and deploy integrated solutions to optimize your security workflows, access even more security intelligence, and accelerate risk mitigation.

CybelAngel Data Integration

Resolve external threats before they wreak havoc with CybelAngel data in your Scorecard

CybelAngel is the world-leading digital risk protection platform that detects and resolves external threats across all layers of the Internet. CybelAngel data integrated into SecurityScorecard gives you an aggregated view into exposed confidential documents and credentials that have been found online for your organization under our Information Leak factor.

DarkOwl Data Integration

Stay ahead of threats in the darknet with DarkOwl data in SecurityScorecard

DarkOwl is the world's leading provider of darknet intelligence and offers the largest commercially available database of darknet content. The DarkOwl integration for SecurityScorecard integrates DarkOwl’s DarkINT exposure for your Scorecard and those you follow under Hacker Chatter, providing a highly unique lens into exposure in the dark web.

HackerOne Data Integration

Access the most relevant security issues published by HackerOne from SecurityScorecard

HackerOne is the industry standard for hacker-powered security, partnering with the global hacker community to surface the most relevant security issues before they can be exploited by criminals. We are partnering with HackerOne to bring you positive signals under Patching Cadence for the Scorecards you follow, letting you know when a Hacker Report is published through HackerOne’s public program.

Jira App

Automatically create Jira tickets based on events triggered by SecurityScorecard

Empower your team to work more productively with the ability to automatically create and assign Jira tickets using SecurityScorecard’s Rule Builder. Create your own rules or leverage our predefined rules so your team never misses a change on your scorecard.

Slack App

Automate actions and work more productively with SecurityScorecard and Slack

The Slack app for SecurityScorecard enables you to work more productively and ensure that your team never misses a change on a Scorecard. This app extends the power of the SecurityScorecard platform with the ability to set up notifications in a designated Slack channel based on Scorecard changes and events.

Microsoft Teams App

Get real-time alerts for just-in-time action based on SecurityScorecard changes

Seamlessly collaborate with your team to mitigate risk based on changes in SecurityScorecard. This SecurityScorecard app for Microsoft Teams app lets you set up notifications in designated channels in Microsoft Teams using our Rule Builder.

Zapier App

Drive productivity by seamlessly connecting SecurityScorecard to over 3,000 apps in Zapier

Zapier is the leading integration platform as a service (IPaaS) provider, enabling you to instantly connect the tools you work with over 3,000 business applications and productivity tools. SecurityScorecard’s app for Zapier lets you instantly integrate SecurityScorecard data with the applications you rely on, driving security productivity and effectiveness in your organization.

Zendesk App

Empower a more productive team with automated alerts in Zendesk based on Scorecard changes

Security and IT teams work in Zendesk to collaborate on issue and ticket resolution. Empower your team to work more productively and efficiently with SecurityScorecard’s app for Zendesk by setting up alerts based on changes within SecurityScorecard. Leverage our Rule Builder to specify rules and receive updates in Zendesk, so you can take real-time action.


Improve your security posture and continuously monitor third-party risk with CFGI

CFGI is a premier managed security service provider (MSSP) partnering with SecurityScorecard to deliver Security Risk Monitoring services to improve your security posture. Learn more about CFGI and our combined services on this page.

Coupa Panel App

Reduce risk exposure and get control of vendor risk with SecurityScorecard for Coupa

SecurityScorecard’s Panel App for Coupa helps procurement teams speed up vendor onboarding, streamline visibility into vendor risk, and decrease risk exposure. Embedding SecurityScorecard Ratings into Coupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to make smarter spending decisions and prioritize vendor security assessment


Empower board directors and executives to have productive conversations around risk

Diligent is the pioneer of modern governance, empowering leaders to turn effective governance into a competitive advantage. Diligent's Cyber Risk Scorecard, powered by SecurityScorecard, provides organizations with a data-backed cyber risk score based on SecurityScorecard data.


Gain real-time comprehensive assessment of supply chain & vendor risk

Exiger’s DDIQ automated due-diligence platform and SecurityScorecard combine to create a common operating picture across cyber, financial, operational, and reputational risks to combat the ever-evolving threat landscape that corporations and government agencies are forced to navigate. Exiger’s combination of people, process, and technology leverages the best of automation and expertise to give you supply chain peace of mind - including SecurityScorecard cyber ratings - through Industrial Health Illumination, Entity Vetting, Supply Chain Analytics, Industrial Health Illumination.

IBM OpenPages

Build a 360° view of your vendors with SecurityScorecard Ratings in IBM

IBM OpenPages Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) assists in efficiently managing third-party relationships and engagements to improve business performance. It helps reduce disruption and possible negative impacts to the organization's compliance, brand and/or operations stemming from a vendor’s inability to deliver. SecurityScorecard’s out-of-the-box integration with IBM OpenPages gives you instant and real-time visibility into the security posture of your vendors.


Activate third-party risk remediation in real-time using continuous monitoring in Onspring

Onspring delivers cloud-based solutions for internal audit, risk management, compliance, legal, and operations teams—all built on a flexible, no-code platform. Integrating security ratings into Onspring gives you visibility into third-party security vulnerabilities and enables you to automate mitigation plans within Onspring, propelling better, faster, and data-driven third-party risk management decisions.

ServiceNow for Vendor Risk Management Version 2.1

Embed even more data from SecurityScorecard Ratings into ServiceNow third-party risk management workflows

Embedding security ratings into ServiceNow brings you SecurityScorecard’s continuous monitoring for every vendor in your portfolio. Our latest upgrade to SecurityScorecard’s ServiceNow integration Vendor Risk Management imports issue-level findings for your vendors into ServiceNow, bringing you even more data in a single pane of glass and is compatible with Quebec, ServiceNow’s latest version.

Archer® GRC Cloud Integration Version

Integrate security ratings into Archer with faster performance and Archer cloud support

Scale and enhance your vendor risk management with SecurityScorecard Ratings embedded into Archer® GRC platform Our recent enhancements to our integration with Archer brings you more scale, faster performance, and support for Archer cloud.

Salesforce Lightning App

Embed security ratings into your Salesforce Accounts for a comprehensive view of ecosystem risk

Continuously monitor the security posture of your entire third-party ecosystem with SecurityScorecard’s Salesforce Lightning App. See the top-level grade and score, 10 factor scores, count of new issues over time, and invite your vendors to view their Scorecard right from Salesforce.