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Atlas Release Notes

Evidence Locker

Open exchange of VRM data to automate and accelerate vendor risk security assessments

Evidence Locker is your single source for TPRM documentation, allowing teams to automatically populate vendor and compliance questionnaires with stored data by exchanging this information between Atlas and Ratings.

In-platform Email Enhancements

Co-branded emails demonstrate your organization’s commitment to risk management in your supply chain partnerships

Make it easier for your questionnaire recipients to recognize and respond to Atlas questionnaires right away by including your organization’s brand on questionnaire emails. Co-branding emails through Atlas takes seconds to set up and delivers a consistent experience to your vendors.

Email Lead-In Template

Prepare key contacts for an upcoming action through Atlas

Enlist collaboration while demonstrating that you take risk management seriously. Simply copy our lead-in email template from within Atlas, paste it into your email, and send it right away. It’s quick, easy, and builds trust while setting the expectation an invite from Atlas is forthcoming.

First-Time Receiver Experience

Help new recipients get started responding to Atlas questionnaires

First-time questionnaire recipients receive an overview of Atlas and SecurityScorecard, the Autocomplete feature, and a clear call to action on the assigned questionnaire.

Chat Bulk Notifications

Consolidate and aggregate collaborative communications so you never miss an update

Communicating with your vendors is easy and secure in Atlas, eliminating the need for email back and forths. We’ve eased and streamlined our email notifications to you so that you only receive one email for chats in a questionnaire within a 3-hour window. Our emails include a link to the questionnaire with the messages, so you can respond to them all at once.

Update Due Date

Publish and maintain expectations while collaborating with vendors and other 3rd-parties

Extend deadlines for questionnaire responses within Atlas. It’s easy to revise dates, which are reflected on your Sent queue, the vendors’ Answer queue, and the questionnaire Details screen.