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Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Release empowers you to see, act, and report on risk.

How do you manage and report on cybersecurity risk in a rapidly changing world?

Security leaders are facing a trifecta of challenges: more sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks, expanding regulations and government mandates, and organizational leaders seeking risk management assurances. CISO’s SecOps and VRM teams need complete visibility to threats across their entire attack surface, with insights to take immediate action, and timely reporting for key stakeholders.

SecurityScorecard empowers you to see and understand cybersecurity risk in your organization and across your ecosystem with 360° visibility and seamless workflow integration with your security stack.

How do you keep ahead of rapidly changing risk?

See, Discover and Report on the Entire Threat Landscape

Enable accurate and informed decisions, and provide real-time reports on results.

Integrate 360° End-to-End Automation

The Integrate360° Marketplace helps automate your security infrastructure with integrated apps, security intelligence, and APIs.

Continuously Monitor and Ratings On-Demand

SecurityScorecard’s new Sentinel decodes the global IP address space for ratings on any organization in minutes.

Forrester Consulting Study

Read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study and learn how customers who have implemented SecurityScorecard Ratings and Atlas platforms were able to scale their TPRM programs, significantly reduce time spent on security assessments, and realize triple-digit ROI over three years.

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Read our Spring 2021 Release notes.

You need a modern security risk ratings platform that’s built at cloud-scale to keep pace with the challenges of today, and ready for where your business is going tomorrow. SecOps teams will discover improved visibility, automation that speeds action, and supercharged ratings that accelerate decision making. Check out all that’s new across the SecurityScorecard platform.



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