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Professional Services Release Notes

Self-Monitoring QuickStart

Increase your cybersecurity knowledge and reduce reputational risk

SecurityScorecard’s QuickStart gives you a deeper understanding of the issues highlighted in your Scorecard and the risks they pose. Receive tailored advice from a SecurityScorecard security expert on how to quickly improve your security posture.

TPRM QuickStart

Build a strong foundation with guidance from Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) experts

    Start off on the right foot when building or re-launching your TPRM program. Discuss the tenets of a program with a qualified expert and receive a recommendation tailored to your objectives, stakeholder needs, and risk appetite. Recommendations will focus on accelerating program maturity and include quick wins, how to leverage SecurityScorecard and which pitfalls to avoid.

    TPRM Program Enhancement

    Reach program maturity and incorporate risk ratings into your TPRM program

      Make the most out of your SecurityScorecard purchase by learning how to incorporate security ratings into your existing TPRM operation. Quickly realize efficiency and effectiveness objectives by working with subject matter experts to develop a tailored maturity roadmap. Roadmap will be based on current state maturity, objectives, and risk appetite.

      Advisory Services

      Augment your existing team capacity with strategic services

        Now you can leverage an à la carte consulting service to implement and execute strategic initiatives at the customer’s discretion. New Advisory Services include an assessment approach, custom questionnaires, vendor tiering approach, custom alert strategy, Scorecard to questionnaire mapping, or other strategic initiatives.

        • Scorecard Manager: Accelerate vendor remediation with continuous monitoring Scorecard Manager managed service provides you with continuous monitoring by security experts so that your team can focus on other critical aspects of their job.
        • Atlas Manager: Easily manage your questionnaire assessment process with expert help

        Atlas Manager managed service provides further time-savings, scale, and efficiency in managing the due diligence process using Atlas.