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Integrations Release Notes

SecurityScorecard Add-on for Splunk 2.0

Continuously monitor score changes and prioritize risk at scale with SecurityScorecard data in Splunk

Our integration for Splunk enables you to leverage the power of Splunk to search, visualize, create alerts, and take actions based on score changes. Our newest integration with more comprehensive data and issue-level findings enables you to efficiently monitor your own cybersecurity risk as well as the risk posed by your third parties. This new version also features more reliable and efficient data importing, support for Splunk Cloud, and compliance with CIM data models. Learn more and install the app on Splunkbase.

Archer GRC Integration 2.0

Monitor third-party risk at scale with SecurityScorecard data embedded in Archer

SecurityScorecard’s integrated solution with the RSA Archer® GRC platform enables you to scale and enhance your vendor risk management (VRM) with SecurityScorecard Ratings. With an enhanced data structure to include factor and issue information for all companies, the updated integration provides VRM teams deeper insights into enterprise and third-party cyber risk. Additionally, you can trigger custom workflows, vendor assessments, and integrate ratings into Archer’s robust reports. Learn more and download the integration package on the RSA Archer Exchange.

ServiceNow Integration with Orlando Support

Integrate SecurityScorecard data into ServiceNow for VRM and ITSM

The SecurityScorecard app for ServiceNow for IT Service Management (ITSM) and Vendor Risk Management (VRM) now supports ServiceNow’s latest version, Orlando. ServiceNow users can deploy the integration directly from the ServiceNow App Store and embed SecurityScorecard data into their existing ServiceNow workflows. Learn more about our ITSM App and VRM App on the ServiceNow App Store.