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Ratings Release Notes

Rule Builder Evolution

Enhance due diligence with security trigger-based workflows

Our latest enhancements to Rule Builder enable organizations to take their due diligence workflows a step further. Now, you can automatically trigger an Atlas questionnaire for approval based on different Scorecard changes, such as a breach, new high severity issue, score drop, and much more. The integration between Ratings and Atlas simplifies the continuous monitoring of third parties with action-based workflows, all-in-one platform.


Understand total risk more easily across your Portfolios to make smarter business decisions

    Groups provide unique statistics and insights into risk by aggregating multiple Portfolios of companies into a grouping. This view enables your team to see an overall assessment of all vendors and to perform bulk actions across Portfolios faster.

    Commenting on Issues

    Provide an added layer of transparency with inside-out context on issues

      Add public or private comments on any of the 80+ issues on your Scorecard. Paired with SecurityScorecard’s “outside-in” data, this additional “inside-out” information enables greater trust and understanding between teammates and third parties on cybersecurity issues.

      Machine Learning Tuned Risk Factors

      Meaningful scores determined by data-driven algorithms

        In an industry first, SecurityScorecard has applied machine learning to optimize the values of the individual factor weights so that total scores are maximally correlated with the risk of a breach.

        New Signals

        Gain a broader understanding of an organization's cybersecurity posture with new signals

          With the increase of threats in 2020, security and IT teams need to be aware of the different ways that their organization can be at risk. New signals in the Social Engineering, Leaked Credentials, and Hacker Chatter Factors enable you to understand whether sensitive information has been exposed or leaked and much more. These new issues broaden SecurityScorecard’s breadth and depth of cybersecurity data to give you the information necessary to remediate any gaps that may be exploited by bad actors.

          Attribution Enhancements

          Consistent and continuous improvements towards accurate digital footprints

            Companies globally depend on risk ratings to understand the cybersecurity posture of their own organizations and third parties. With continuous enhancements to attribution, SecurityScorecard provides you an increasingly accurate depiction of the cyber risk of organizations. Visit the Trust Portal to find out more about the data that drives our technology.

            Improved Search

            Easily search and add third parties to Portfolios for continuous monitoring

              The new enhanced search bar enables organizations to quickly search, find, and add any company into customized Portfolios.

              Enhanced Reports

              White label option for reports with your own branding

                Service providers want to present a unified brand experience to their clients. This add-on option lets you download Summary and Detail Reports of any company in your Portfolio with your logo or select a co-branded option. Strengthen and reinforce your brand with SecurityScorecard’s reporting enhancements. We’ve also streamlined the layout of our Summary Reports to be easier to read which aids in the interpretation of summary information.

                Company Profiles

                Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to cybersecurity to over 2 million companies

                  Now, more than ever, it is very common for organizations to assess each other’s security posture. Proactively publishing security-related information makes it faster for other companies to assess each other’s cybersecurity posture. Publicly sharing curated details with the entire ecosystem demonstrates that your company is proactively engaging with your Scorecard.

                  Designated Contacts

                  Easily collaborate and communicate with your vendors, suppliers, customers, or any external third party

                    Collaborating with your third parties has become a critical part of business resilience. Now, with designated contacts for each organization, security and IT teams don’t have to waste time trying to find the right contact for their third parties.