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APIs & Integrations Release Notes

Atlas API

Seamlessly integrate Atlas’ cybersecurity insights into your existing workflows

Our APIs enable you to build custom workflows and integrate Atlas’ cybersecurity assessment data into your existing third-party risk management processes. The Atlas API provides a powerful, convenient, and simple way to interact with Atlas data. For example, you can leverage the API to automatically send a questionnaire from your Template Library, get the status of any sent questionnaire, download responses, and review attached evidence from your vendors’ cybersecurity assessments; or instantly access SecurityScorecard Ratings data auto-mapped to individual questionnaire responses.

Developer Hub

A dedicated center for SecurityScorecard APIs

    Integrating SecurityScorecard’s cybersecurity data into your existing workflows is now easier than ever with our Developer Hub! The Developer Hub brings you a centralized resource, easy-to-use documentation, and discussion boards to start building your own custom integrations with SecurityScorecard’s Ratings and Atlas APIs. Our APIs give you a powerful, convenient, and simple way to scale your risk management program and enhance the value of your existing workflows.

    OneTrust Vendorpedia Integration

    Automate third-party risk management in OneTrust with security ratings

      SecurityScorecard’s integration with OneTrust Vendorpedia is now available to mutual customers, enabling you to access top-level and factor-level scores in OneTrust Vendorpedia. With the ability to automate actions, such as trigger an assessment based on a score drop and build custom workflows, the power of SecurityScorecard Ratings in OneTrust Vendorpedia helps you scale and operationalize third-party risk management.

      Venminder Integration

      Integrate SecurityScorecard into Venminder to build a 360° view of your vendors

        Integrating SecurityScorecard into Venminder gives you instant and real-time visibility into the security posture of your vendors in Venminder. With SecurityScorecard top-level and 10 factor-level scores in Venminder, you can identify early warning signs that may warrant your close attention and allow you to take action right inside Venminder. This unique combination solves all critical elements of assessing, managing, and monitoring your vendors during their lifecycle and creates a reliable, cost effective way to manage the complex and otherwise costly burden of third-party risk.

        IHS Markit Integration

        Make more informed decisions with access to IHS Markit’s assessment products directly from the SecurityScorecard platform

          We are excited to partner with IHS Markit, tightly integrating both solutions to provide customers with a 360° view of cyber risk. IHS Markit KY3P Customers can now access SecurityScorecard security ratings in KY3P to more efficiently manage end-to-end third-party risk. Additionally, the integration offers SecurityScorecard customers the opportunity to purchase IHS Markit’s assessment products directly from the SecurityScorecard platform.

          ServiceNow for Vendor Risk Management Version 1.1

          Embed more SecurityScorecard Ratings into ServiceNow third-party risk management workflows

            Our latest upgrade to SecurityScorecard’s ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management app enables you to integrate SecurityScorecard Ratings for up to 2,000 vendors in your ServiceNow instance. Additionally, you can now support multiple vendor records with the same domain. For example, if you have separate vendor records for different business units with the same domain — such as OvoFinance US, OvoFinance France, and OvoFinance Denmark — each referring to the same domain, you can now populate SecurityScorecard data under each record.

            Archer GRC Integration 2.1

            Accelerate third-party risk management with faster and more Ratings in Archer

              Our enhancements to our Archer integration bring you the ability to monitor more vendors with SecurityScorecard Ratings in Archer GRC. Now, you can see SecurityScorecard Ratings data for up to 600 vendors in Archer, 12 times more than before! Additionally, we cut the sync time in half, giving you the most up to date data in your Archer instance. Learn more and install the SecurityScorecard app on the RSA Archer Exchange.