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Atlas Release Notes

Custom Issue Mapping in the Atlas Questionnaire Wizard

Customize and assign SecurityScorecard data in your questionnaires

Atlas now lets you specify which SecurityScorecard Ratings issues map to individual questions in Atlas’ Custom Questionnaire Wizard, enabling you to instantly verify questionnaire responses against SecurityScorecard issues, factors, and grades. When creating or editing a questionnaire in Atlas, you can seamlessly designate objective security ratings data that validates that question. This brings more customization and transparency to the cybersecurity assessment process, providing a true 360° view of risk.

Internal Assessments

Seamlessly evaluate and validate your organization’s security controls

    With remote workforces and distributed teams using different tools, security teams lack a simple way to assess and drive security accountability within their organizations. Now, you can leverage Atlas to conduct internal controls-based risk assessments of different units or subsidiaries within a company and instantly validate them with SecurityScorecard Ratings data automatically mapped to questionnaire responses. By using Atlas for both vendor risk and internal assessments, you can simplify and standardize risk reporting across your organization.

    Smart Mapping Enhancements for Faster Questionnaire Completion

    Eliminate the need for you and your vendors to respond manually to received questionnaires

      Atlas not only helps you instantly validate your vendors’ responses, but also eliminates the need to manually respond to every questionnaire. With this release, we bring you improvements to our Smart Mapping Engine, saving you hours when responding to questionnaires. Leveraging the Autocomplete function with smarter answer suggestions from your Answer & Evidence Repository cuts the questionnaire response time by 50%. Take advantage of the enhanced visualization with a progress bar that gives you a visual indication of the progress made with Autocomplete.

      Chat Notifications

      Eliminate email back and forths by streamlining communication in Atlas

        Streamlining communication while completing or waiting for a questionnaire is now even easier with Atlas’ chat notification emails. Now, when you receive a chat in Atlas you will also be alerted by email, making sure that you never miss a comment or question from your partners. This speeds up the time it takes for vendors to complete received questionnaires.