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Alliances Release Notes

We’re proud to partner with our global alliance ecosystem, bringing SecurityScorecard’s solutions into integrations and services for various use cases, including third-party risk management, compliance, self-assessment, enterprise security information, and event management.

Amazon Web Services Marketplace

SecurityScorecard now available for purchase right in AWS Marketplace

    We’re proud to join the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, meeting you and your partners in the places where they procure software. Additionally, members of the Enterprise Discount Program can put to work any excess commitments that were made as part of the annual EDP program to fund purchases for SecurityScorecard when purchasing through AWS marketplace.


    Offering security ratings to European businesses and establishing European headquarters

      We are excited to partner with Vodafone, the leading multinational telecommunications company, offering security ratings to Vodafone’s customers in Europe. We have accomplished this by partnering with Tomorrow Street, Vodafone’s innovation center, and established our European headquarters in Luxembourg. Our alliance empowers millions of Vodafone’s multinational, corporate, and small business customers to continuously monitor and improve their security posture.


      Accessing new insights around tangential areas of risk in the SecurityScorecard Platform

        Our alliance with Craft brings together cyber risk data and enterprise intelligence data, strengthening our data set with insights from Craft. We are incorporating Craft data sets into our platform, providing you with access to new insights around tangential areas of risk. Additionally, Craft customers can access SecurityScorecard cyber risk data via Craft’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform.

        Great American Insurance Group

        Providing cyber risk insureds access to security ratings

          Together with Great American Insurance Group, we are expanding access to expertise and best practices from the Security Ratings space. Through this alliance, Great American Insurance cyber policy holders can now access our self-monitoring and vendor-monitoring capabilities with the purchase of a cyber risk policy. This provides insureds with a complete view of their cybersecurity ecosystem, helps to navigate where their vulnerabilities are, and offers a recommended path to remediation.

          Dcode Accelerator

          Bringing cybersecurity ratings to the federal government and public sector with Dcode

            SecurityScorecard is proud to have been one of the five companies selected to participate in Dcode’s cybersecurity accelerator class. Dcode is a government accelerator with the goal of connecting private-sector tech companies with government opportunities. As part of the 10-week program, SecurityScorecard joined four other cybersecurity companies in hands-on sessions with industry leaders and mentors and met with government agencies to better understand their needs. Dcode evaluates solutions that can meet national security requirements and support government missions successfully in the long term and SecurityScorecard is proud to be selected as a participant.

            GM Sectec

            Providing members new capabilities in PCI and MSSP

              We are working in tandem with GM Sectec to enable businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean with the tools they need to manage security and third-party risks. SecurityScorecard is now included in GM Sectec's "Cyber Essentials" toolkit, which is a portfolio of industry-leading products and services that GM Sectec distributes to its 52,000 customers spanning the Latin American and Caribbean regions. In addition, this alliance will provide our joint customers with new Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offerings.


              Bringing accessible cybersecurity education through the Introduction to Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program

                SecurityScorecard has partnered with Udacity to bring easily accessible cybersecurity education to the public and enterprises through the Introduction to Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program. This Nanodegree program offers the right balance of structured content and practitioner-level skills to enable a learner to become a cybersecurity professional. The program is also a great supplement for any IT professional looking to build stronger cybersecurity skills.

                Health ISAC

                Continuously monitor key sources of cyber risk to protect patient health data and adhere to regulatory requirements

                  SecurityScorecard's new H-ISAC alliance helps healthcare organizations manage their cybersecurity programs and monitor complex ecosystems of vendors to secure patient health information, and reduce the risk of HIPAA-related violations. Healthcare IT and security teams can now leverage security ratings to quickly understand their own security posture, as well as vulnerabilities within their network of insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare partners.

                  National Defense ISAC

                  Managing defense contractor security and satisfying regulations imposed on organizations that do business with the DOD

                    We are working collaboratively with ND-ISAC to help organizations in the defense industrial base better address cybersecurity challenges, and manage exposure to applicable regulations such as CMMC and NIST 800-171. ND-ISAC Members can now leverage our continuous monitoring and Atlas compliance questionnaire module to satisfy components of the CMMC framework. This also helps the Department of Defense more safely engage with its network of defense contractors and bolsters the overall cybersecurity posture of the DOD supply chains, since many members are suppliers to one another.

                    Aviation ISAC

                    Strengthening the aviation supply chain and automating key cybersecurity processes

                      Our A-ISAC alliance provides a critical service that helps strengthen and stabilize the aviation supply chain by employing market-leading security ratings. A-ISAC Members can now leverage SecurityScorecard’s portfolio of solutions to identify and mitigate risk in areas of IT, third-party risk management, continuous monitoring, and board reporting. Added benefits include automation and streamlining of key cybersecurity processes throughout the vendor risk management lifecycle.

                      Retail & Hospitality ISAC

                      Accessing critical security insights for better management of first- and third-party risk

                        Our new alliance gives RH-ISAC Core Members in the retail and hospitality industry access to SecurityScorecard Ratings that provide insight for better management of risk in their first- and third-party environments. The partnership expands our ability to drive awareness of proactive risk management and change the way retail and hospitality firms address cyber risk. This gives security and business leaders confidence as they engage with vendors in the collective supply chain formed by RH-ISAC.

                        Mineral and Mining ISAC

                        Providing access to security ratings to drive cyber resilience with MM-ISAC members

                          Our partnership the MM-ISAC gives Core Members in the mineral and mining industry access to SecurityScorecard Ratings that provide insight for better management of risk in their first- and third-party environments. The partnership expands our ability to drive awareness of proactive risk management and change the way mineral and mining firms address cyber risk. This gives security and business leaders confidence as they engage with vendors in the collective supply chain formed by MM-ISAC.

                          Nongovernmental Organizations ISAC

                          Driving cyber resilience among nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations

                            We are proud to partner with the NGO-ISAC, enabling US-based organizations to access SecurityScorecard Ratings and protect their ability to carry out their missions. With this alliance, NGO-ISAC members gain access to SecurityScorecard Ratings, providing the tools and guidance to enhance the abilities of the entire sector to operate safely and securely.