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Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Release is here to drive cyber resilience and agility.

How do you grow resilient roots in a quickly shifting environment?

2020 has brought many changes to our personal and professional lives, creating a new normal. Security & IT teams are dealing with moving their operations to a remote environment while maintaining security controls. This means a more complex third-party ecosystem with new digital assets to secure, demands to do more with less, and the need for cyber resilience.

SecurityScorecard’s integrated platform simplifies cybersecurity monitoring and assessment workflows, extends the value of existing investments, and helps grow resilient cybersecurity roots.

What are the key processes of cyber resilient organizations?

Manage Third Parties at Scale

Resilient organizations manage complex third-party ecosystems at scale.

Automate Processes

Whether teams are fully remote or partially back in the office, process automation is key to agility.

Get More out of Existing Security Investment

Supplement existing investments, such as GRCs or SIEMs, to get the most out of existing systems.

73% of organizations have experienced elevated third-party risks, leading to 43% of enterprises increasing their third-party risk management technology investments. Learn more in our recent study.

Read our Fall 2020 Release notes.

The Fall 2020 release delivers expanded innovations across the entire SecurityScorecard Platform, empowering modern cyber risk management teams to simplify their workflows, automate processes, and manage a complex third-party risk ecosystem at scale. Our mission is to make the world a safer place by empowering every organization with actionable cybersecurity intelligence.



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