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What is Security Data?

SecurityScorecard offers the world’s most comprehensive source of cybersecurity data. With our Security Data solution, organizations are empowered with real-time cybersecurity data and actionable insights to enable secure business operations across their enterprise and third-party ecosystem.

What is Security Data?

Security Data is a global security intelligence engine that continuously collects and analyzes a broad range of pertinent cybersecurity signals for millions of digital assets across the Internet. SecurityScorecard uses advanced machine learning algorithms to predict risk, attribute findings, and calculate an accurate cybersecurity rating for your organization.

Our team has invested over 7 years and millions of dollars into developing our proprietary data collection and processing platform. We are proud to offer the largest collection of cybersecurity data in the industry with over 1.5 million companies continuously monitored. Our Security Data platform publishes over 10 billion vulnerabilities and attributions weekly and identifies over 10 million infected IPs over 200 malware families daily.

This innovative technology enables organizations with the best cybersecurity intelligence possible to ensure comprehensive data security and protection via actionable insights and an unparalleled breadth of cybersecurity information for every use case.