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What is SecurityScorecard Atlas?

Atlas is a platform that accelerates the cybersecurity questionnaire exchange process by enabling senders and receivers to easily manage, complete, and review questionnaires and evidence in one secure central repository. Atlas’ Smart Mapping Engine automatically aligns questionnaire responses with SecurityScorecard Ratings, giving organizations an instant 360° view of any vendor's cybersecurity risk and enabling them to validate the accuracy of responses.

With Atlas, organizations can streamline their cybersecurity compliance programs as well as their vendor management programs, creating robust information security programs. Organizations are enabled to do the following with Atlas:

  • Send, track, and validate cybersecurity questionnaires at scale

  • Gain a 360° view into the cybersecurity posture of any organization

  • Accomplish faster, more insightful questionnaire completion

  • Streamline collaboration across organizations and teams

  • Integrate cybersecurity insights into your team’s daily workflows

  • Facilitate more complete cybersecurity due diligence

  • Ensure secure communication between parties

  • Realize more robust vendor management and compliance