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Surging Demand for SecurityScorecard's Risk Ratings Platform Drives Record First Half 2017 Growth

Posted on July 20th, 2017

NEW YORK, July 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --SecurityScorecard, the leader in security ratings, today announced record-breaking results for the first half of 2017 driven by new customer acquisitions, existing customer expansions, and channel and strategic partnership growth. The company achieved triple-digit same-period half-over-half growth and continues to attract customers of all types and sizes because of its best of breed risk reconnaissance, analytics, and collaboration capabilities.

Founded and led by security practitioners with direct experience dealing with the risk management challenges IT leaders face every day, SecurityScorecard's rapid ascent is directly related to the company's ability to build innovative solutions that deliver security acuity and business value across the enterprise. The ubiquitous use of SecurityScorecard's platform by security, risk management, supply chain, and compliance practitioners gives the company's customers unprecedented visibility into their true security posture and makes the entire ecosystem more secure through collaboration.

"Innovation is the cornerstone of our business," said Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, co-founder and CEO of SecurityScorecard. "Our tremendous growth is a testament to the fact that we continue to focus on delivering collaborative security capabilities to our customers and their vendors, as well as our partners. SecurityScorecard's platform is quickly becoming the risk management fabric that is woven into the workflows and security operations of leading enterprises, service providers, and technology platforms."

Surging Demand Drives Record Growth

  • Triple-digit growth, driven by new customer acquisitions and existing customer expansions, that include some of the best known brands in the world.
  • Now counts hundreds of companies as customers, including over 150 banks and insurance companies, three of the top five international law firms, five major technology companies, and many more from a cross section of industries.
  • Displaced four major accounts from competitors while experiencing zero losses to the competition within its existing customer base.
  • Tripled the number of global value-added resellers including global, national and regional partners resulting in a 400 percent increase in deal registrations.
  • Launched its channel partner program as well as its Risk Ratings Alliance Program™ to accelerate the adoption of the platform across major enterprises and to build an ecosystem of leading technology partners focused around collaborative risk management.

The Innovation Leader in the Security Ratings Industry

  • Leads the industry in the number of entities under continuous monitoring with 200,000. Not only is this milestone accomplishment an industry best, it ensures that customers have the broadest set of third-party risk data possible.
  • Launched a new set of vendor collaboration tools that provide vendors with access to all details associated with their scorecard. Vendor Invitation accounts are provided free of charge to third-party vendors.
  • Saw 33 percent growth in the number of client vendor collaborative discussions, demonstrating the network effect of the platform in the cybersecurity ecosystem.
  • Released a Security Analyst Module that exclusively monitors and alerts customers of breaches and emerging threats, such as "WannaCry", throughout a vendor's ecosystem.
  • Achieved a 4.5 out of 5 rating in Gartner Peer Insights and demonstrated customer-validated security ratings superiority by earning the highest marks in three out of four sections evaluated (Integrations & Deployment, Service & Support, and Product Capabilities).

Recognized Thought Leader

Visionary Leadership Attracts Top Talent

  • Jasson Casey, CTO and Senior Vice President, Engineering, was named a Cyber Fellow for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).
  • The additions of Jason Thompson as Vice President, Marketing and Adam Kuznia as Vice President, Customer Success further accelerated the company's growth while adding to an already top-tier management team with real world security expertise.
  • Recognized by Business Intelligence's "2017 Best Places to Work" program which identifies organizations that are doing all they can to improve their performance by challenging their employees in an environment that makes work fun and engaging.
  • Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards® named SecurityScorecard "Best Overall Security Company of the Year", co-founder and CEO, Dr. Alex Yampolskiy, was awarded bronze for "CEO of the Year."
  • SecurityScorecard was named as one of the 10 coolest startups in 2017 by CRN.

About SecurityScorecard

Headquartered in the heart of New York City, SecurityScorecard's vision is to help security professionals work collaboratively to solve mission critical cybersecurity issues in a transparent and collaborative way. The company was founded in late 2013 by Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy and Sam Kassoumeh, two former cybersecurity practitioners who had served, respectively, as Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Security & Compliance. With cloud solutions becoming an increasingly integral part of the security technology stack, Yampolskiy and Kassoumeh recognized the need to address 3rd and 4th party risk as well as better understand the security capabilities of their business partners. Since its founding, the company has grown dramatically and now counts hundreds of leading brands as customers. SecurityScorecard is backed by leading venture capital investors including Sequoia Capital and GV, among others. For more information, visit

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