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SecurityScorecard Launches the First Collaborative Platform To Close The Loop on Vendor Risk Management

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SecurityScorecard, the leading security-risk benchmarking company, launches the first collaborative platform to close the loop on vendor risk management. Supply chain specialists, procurement managers, and vendor managers can now take full advantage of the digital information age for third-party security issues where there is a lack of visibility.

With SecurityScorecard's innovative collaborative platform, vendor risk managers can benefit from faster risk validation and hassle-free remediation with partners and suppliers. The new platform allows organizations to effectively augment the time consuming validation process by using cutting-edge security risk intelligence information to:

  • Share real-time Scorecards with partners directly via the 'Invite a Vendor' feature.
  • Fix partner issues rapidly by closing the validation and verification loop.
  • Take back control of data by enforcing and validating data protection standards across all third party environments.
  • Ensure data is protected even when the data is not in your own network or is protected by another entity.

With the 'Invite a Vendor' function, SecurityScorecard customers can now share the entire scorecard of an organization including all found security issues organized by 10 unique factors. These security factors are categorized to represent a complete picture of a company's security posture. Vendor risk managers can reduce assessment and audit costs while creating a verifiable communication trail from independently validated security experts.

"The SecurityScorecard data and workflow is groundbreaking for managing enterprise risk," said Michael Bryzek, co founder and former CTO of Gilt Groupe about the new collaborative workflow. "The ability to collaborate with vendors directly from an independent, accurate security intelligence source allows us to simultaneously speed up verification of issues, and see them to resolution quickly and without conflict."

It is easier and more cost efficient to retain your partnerships and the business value they bring your organization than it is to replace them because of security issues. SecurityScorecard's non-intrusive platform allows you to see partner risks anytime you need them, and allows you to share that information privately and securely with third parties. Improve the efficiency of vendor risk management by easily adding hundreds or thousands of third-party partners and suppliers via one central, continuous platform to track and monitor security-based risk.

About SecurityScorecard
SecurityScorecard allows organizations to benchmark the security of any partner, competitor, supplier, vendor, any third party or company— without requiring permission. Compare any company's security performance against other organizations within the same industry in real time. The platform is completely self service, making it the most business ready and technically-sound security risk benchmarking platform in existence today. The proprietary foundation of the platform is the ThreatMarket™ data engine that collects 30 million daily security risk signals from the entire Internet.

SecurityScorecard was founded in 2013 by two former Chief Information Security Officers, Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy and Sam Kassoumeh. SecurityScorecard is made up of veteran security researchers, cryptographers, data scientists, and software engineers. The company is privately held with headquarters in New York. Security Scorecard investors include Sequoia Capital, Evolution Equity Partners, Boldstart Ventures, and others.

SecurityScorecard and the SecurityScorecard logo are trademarks of SecurityScorecard, Inc. Other marks belong to their respective owners.

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