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SecurityScorecard CEO to Speak at Advisen Cyber Risk Insight Conference

Posted on October 24th, 2014

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Why and how financial institutions must understand all the cyber risks they face as well as those of their business partners will be the topic addressed by Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and founder of SecurityScorecard Inc., at the Advisen Cyber Risk Insight Conference, to be held October 28, here.

His discussion will center on the use of a cloud-based risk assessment service, like SecurityScorecard, to evaluate the security health of an organization's information eco-system. SecurityScorecard is the only security grading service that provides the breadth and depth to fully assess security and does so on a continuous basis. A user need only enter a URL and in minutes, without the need to contact an account representative, gets a comprehensive reading of all potential risks, not just malware, faced by a company and those of other organizations with which it does or could do business. It does this in a non-intrusive manner and without risk to the operation of the assessed systems. The SecurityScorecard service can also be used to better determine the underwriting of cyber-data risk insurance policies.

Data breaches and other unauthorized intrusions into the information systems of insurers, brokerages and banks are no longer the sole responsibility of the CISO, CIO or head of security. It's become a matter of importance enterprise-wide, especially for CEOs and Boards of Directors. Dr. Yampolskiy will offer comment on what organizations need to do to become risk aware and be better able to manage the risks their information eco-systems face on a constant basis.

"It's important to note a security rating that only looks at one risk factor, such as malware, is a partial solution at best. The importance of having the ability to take into account all the key risk factors, as only SecurityScorecard's service does, cannot be understated," Yampolskiy said. He will be speaking at 1:45 PMduring the conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, 109 East 42nd Street, New York. In addition, SecurityScorecard will have a booth in the conference's exhibit area.

About SecurityScorecard
SecurityScorecard helps organizations in today's increasingly interconnected world better manage all key risks their information systems and those of their partners face every second of every day. Its risk grading service gives you continuous insight into the risks your company and your business partners are facing in minutes, not months. By collecting and contextualizing millions of signals across all key risk categories into its big data analysis engine, SecurityScorecard provides real-time threat intelligence that you can act on to improve the security posture of your information ecosystem.

Founded in 2013 by an experienced CTO and CSO, Security Scorecard is privately-held with headquarters in New York. Major investors include Atlas Ventures, BOLDstart Ventures and Evolution Equity Partners, among others.

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