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SecurityScorecard Announces Inaugural “Top 15 Chief Information Security Officers 2018” Report

Posted on July 16th, 2018

New York, NY, July 16, 2018 - SecurityScorecard, the leader in security ratings, today announced the release of the company’s new annual report, “Top 15 Chief Information Security Officers 2018.” The report recognizes the high-stakes nature of the CISO position, where the consequences for a breach can be as high as job loss and possibly long-term career reputational damage. SecurityScorecard ran a six-month analysis on organizations to understand which CISOs have developed programs that have pushed their organizations forward in terms of cybersecurity and have improved the overall and specific risk areas of their environment.

SecurityScorecard continually monitors over 200,000 businesses across the world and rates them on an easy to understand A to F scale. Companies that rate as a D or F are 5.4 times more likely to be breached than companies that rate as an A or a B. The platform also provides ratings across 10 risk factors, which gives deeper insights into the company’s security.

Top Performers by Industry

  • Education: This rapid increase in the use of technology and storage of sensitive data required investment in cybersecurity across the board. Public organizations, like the Department of Education, are alerting higher education institutions of ransomware attacks attempting to mine student financial data for financial gain.
  • Technology: Under heavy fire from privacy advocates and regulators, and facing increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, tech businesses have been compelled to remain agile in a high-risk environment and adapt their defenses to meet today’s shifting threat landscape.
  • Telecommunications: The risk of data breaches combined with regulatory compliance, are fueling cybersecurity spending in this sector. Digital transformation is also a key catalyst as service providers are investing in newer technologies such as cloud computing or IoT deployments.

Top 15 Chief Information Security Officers 2018:

  • James Tu, Cepheid
  • Chris Logan, Danaher
  • Mark Viola, Henry Schein
  • Dennis Ryan, Hexion
  • Edward Kelly, Maricopa Community College
  • Daniel Sefton, Mohegan Sun
  • Derek Vadala, Moody’s
  • Scott Shepard, Motorola
  • Jim Zetwick, Newmont Mining Corporation
  • Kathy Jobes, OhioHealth
  • Sarah Andrews, Pepsi
  • James Shira, PwC
  • Jeff Franklin, State of Iowa
  • Mark Gower, State of Oklahoma
  • Jimmie Owens

“We are extremely proud to honor the CISOs that day-after-day raise the bar on cybersecurity best practices and strengthen the industry as a whole,” said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder at SecurityScorecard. “It’s also promising to see the strides made in the telecommunications, technology, and education industries. They all share the burden of public accountability and are rising to the challenges that the public has placed before them.”

Cyber-attacks will continue to increase with hackers looking to exploit vulnerable industries. Poor performing industries must look to industry leaders and follow them to ensure their ongoing financial viability in a constantly evolving marketplace.

For a copy of the full report please go here

About SecurityScorecard

Headquartered in the heart of New York City, SecurityScorecard's vision is to create a new language for measuring and communicating security risk. The company was founded in late 2013 by Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy and Sam Kassoumeh, two former cybersecurity practitioners who had served, respectively, as Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Security and Compliance. With cloud solutions becoming an increasingly integral part of the security technology stack Yampolskiy and Kassoumeh recognized the need to address third- and fourth-party risk as well as better understand the security capabilities of their business partners. Since its founding, the company has grown dramatically and now counts hundreds of leading brands as customers. SecurityScorecard is backed by leading venture capital investors including Sequoia Capital, GV, NGP Capital, Evolution Equity Partners, Boldstart Ventures, AXA Venture Partners among others. For more information, visit

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