Posted 13 Feb 2017

SecurityScorecard Releases Free Malware Grader ™ into Public Beta, New Layer of Protection for Malware Infections

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SecurityScorecard, the leader in security ratings and continuous risk monitoring, today announced the public beta of Malware Grader™. The free security tool is designed to address the critical threat posed to enterprises by malware infections, which reached nearly 70% during 2016 according to the company's research.

Built on SecurityScorecard's patented and proprietary platform and one of the largest networks of external DNS sinkholes, Malware Grader™ continuously monitors an organization's entire digital infrastructure, sending malware infection alerts when new malware events are detected. These alerts offer a view of malware escaping an organization's internal security containment and reaching out to Command and Control servers for instruction.

Unlike other security firms which charge for similar malware infection monitoring and alerting services, SecurityScorecard is offering Malware Grader™ as a free service with the purpose of freeing up resources and focusing attention on additional critical areas of security that leave organizations exposed to potential breaches.

"The malware threat landscape has evolved significantly with increased precision and new variants daily. This risk underscores the need of technologies to help detect, prevent and remediate their impact," said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director & President at Online Trust Alliance. "As evident with the 82,000 cyber incidents causing material harm in 2016, yesterday's approaches have become inadequate. Malware Grader™ provides an extra layer of defense to combat these threats and help protect organizations, their employees and customers from the impact."

The tool provides a simple A – F grade that indicates the ability of an organization to prevent, detect and remediate malware related events. It considers severity of infections, duration of infections, quantity of infections, among other criteria. Malware Grader™ automatically provides weekly summaries that list all malware detected within the last 30 days by IP address, the family of malware it belongs to and the first and last observation date. If the tool detects a new piece of malware, it will send out an immediate alert to enable timely containment and remediation.

"Malware is an important security concern affecting almost every business," says Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and founder of SecurityScorecard. "By adding Malware Grader™ to our suite of free security tools, we want to help all companies go beyond malware and raise awareness for other critical risk categories to monitor, from leaked information to hacker chatter, that contribute to the true security posture of an enterprise."

To begin using Security Scorecard's Malware Grader™ Beta, go to Simply enter your corporate email address and verify the digital footprint to immediately start receiving malware alerts.

If you are attending RSA, stop by SecurityScorecard's booth (#4912) for a demonstration.

About SecurityScorecard
SecurityScorecard provides the most accurate rating of security risk for any organization worldwide. The proprietary SaaS platform helps enterprises gain operational command of the security posture for themselves and across all of their partners, and vendors. It provides continuous, non-intrusive monitoring for any organization including third and fourth parties. The platform offers a breadth and depth of critical data points not available from any other service provider including a broad range of risk categories such as Application Security, Malware, Patching Cadence, Network Security, Hacker Chatter, Social Engineering and Leaked Information. To receive a free SecurityScorecard assessment and consultation for your business, visit

SOURCE SecurityScorecard

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