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  • SecurityScorecard: Graded Ratings Help Companies Improve Server Resilience as Regulations Tighten

    SecurityScorecard helps enterprises assess cybersecurity resilience for purposes ranging from self-monitoring to securing an insurance policy. Since its launch in 2014, SecurityScorecard has rated cybersecurity levels for more than 11 million entities across 17 vertical sectors and global industrial categories. It also offers a portfolio of supporting products and solutions. More than 22,000 organizations use SecurityScorecard’s proprietary rating technology, and the company supports its ratings system with educational resources.

    14 Oct 2021

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  • To Protect Your Company, Think Like A Thief

    Ransomware, hacks, and data breaches all represent a threat to your business. To stay ahead of those who plan to do you harm, you can’t just think like a defender — you need to think like a cyberthief. Once you understand how thieves identify and infiltrate their targets, you can take more effective steps to stop them. Like any criminal endeavor, the easier you make it for the criminal, the more likely you are to be robbed.

    14 Oct 2021

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  • Are You Fighting the Phish?

    When a ransomware attack occurs from a technical exploit, it’s usually a soft target in personnel. Phishing is always the first or last resort of an attacker. When they can’t get in from a server or work station vulnerability, they’ll look to exploit a gullible person. It usually comes in the form of an email directing them to a watering hole (website) where they’re tricked into revealing credentials; or with malware in the form of a malicious Word document or .pdf file. Once its opened, the hacker then has access behind the firewall. It’s critical for security teams to proactively train and test their employees, with regular refreshers and transparency to call out the total success or failure rate of the organization. Encouraging through progress makes a much more resilient team.

    14 Oct 2021

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  • Why Is Third Party Risk Management Important?

    SecurityScorecard Atlas is a framework that manages third-party relationships by performing security ratings based on vendors’ responses to questionnaires. They then compare the answers to previous questionnaires and platform analytics for verification, and then rating the vendor’s security. In addition, TPRM frameworks can store this data and organize third-party information, which can simplify the auditing process for companies.

    12 Oct 2021

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  • Sam Kassoumeh of SecurityScorecard: “Listen to the Negative Feedback — Positively!”

    As a part of Thrive Global's series, Sam Kassoumeh, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of SecurityScorecard shared his thoughts on listening to negative feedback - positively.

    30 Sep 2021

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  • Rising Through Resilience: Sam Kassoumeh of SecurityScorecard On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient

    As a part of Authority Magazine's series, Sam Kassoumeh, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of SecurityScorecard shared five things you can do to become more resilient.

    27 Sep 2021

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  • Time for CISOs to Dominate; Aspire for an A-grade From the Board: Aleksandr Yampolskiy

    DynamicCISO spoke to Aleksandr Yampolskiy – a globally recognised cybersecurity innovator, leader, and expert and the co-founder and CEO of a premier Security Rating Company SecurityScorecard. He has been leading the company since beginning in 2013. A PhD from Yale University in Cryptography, Aleksandr has recently authored a book The Perfect Scorecard: Getting an ‘A’ in Cybersecurity from your Board of Directors.

    22 Sep 2021

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  • Cyber hygiene: identifying and defusing risks in M&A

    “As M&A practitioners, we are trusted as custodians of the brand, customers, shareholders and investors for both parties,” says Robert Gibney, chief financial officer (CFO) at SecurityScorecard. “As such, we need to know what the potential impacts would be if there was a threat to either party’s business prior to, during or after the close of an M&A deal.

    16 Sep 2021

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  • Global Cybersecurity Spending To Exceed $1.75 Trillion From 2021-2025

    “There are some companies who are clearly underinvesting into cybersecurity,” says Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder of information security benchmarking firm SecurityScorecard. “Other companies are spending plenty of money on cybersecurity, but they’re not spending it wisely.”

    15 Sep 2021

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  • SEC Actions Up the Ante for Cybersecurity Disclosures

    Recent SEC enforcement actions are a warning that cybersecurity issues need to be treated as seriously as all other disclosure obligations, say Paul Hastings partners Kenneth M. Breen and Phara A. Guberman, and Sachin Bansal, general counsel of SecurityScorecard. They offer lessons from the SEC’s recent settled enforcement actions with eight investment advisory

    14 Sep 2021

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