Women in Tech - Where We Measure Up

By Gargi Ketkar

Posted on Sep 13, 2019

At SecurityScorecard, we pride ourselves on creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. One important initiative we’ve developed is S-S-She, a space for all the women, and those who identify as women, within SecurityScorecard to come together and discuss their experiences and offer advice to one another.

Women continue to remain vastly underrepresented in the Tech industry. Women make up exactly 50% of the workforce in the United States, but they only constitute 20-25% of the Tech workforce. The reasons for this can vary, including educational setbacks, stagnant pipeline, and/or recruiting that is unconsciously biased in favor of men. Here at SecurityScorecard, we are actively taking strides to fix the gender disparity that seems to be inherent among the technology sector.


Since January 2020, 33% of our new hires have been women. Additionally, women make up 26% of SecurityScorecard's employee population, keeping us well above industry standards, given our size. We embrace and celebrate these small wins, however, we acknowledge that as a company we still have much more space for growth and improvement. It's for this reason, that programs such as S-S-She are important in keeping the conversation going and aid us in moving forward. We want to hear from the women we work with and make sure they feel included and respected for the tremendous value they add to our team every single day.


As we continue to grow and scale, diversity and inclusion in the workplace will remain our top priority. We recognize that a company can only function at its best when everyone has a seat at the table.

If you are interested in joining the team, have a look at our current job openings.

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