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What to Know About SecurityScorecard’s Integrate360° Marketplace

Miryam Amsili Meir
Posted on June 10th, 2021

The old saying “it takes a village” applies to many things in life, including securing your organization. Security is a team sport that requires a variety of solutions and providers — such as a firewall, endpoint protection, security information and event management (SIEM), threat intelligence provider, IT service management (ITSM), governance, risk, and compliance solution (GRC), and cloud access security broker (CASB) — to name a few. In fact, a recent Ponemon Institute report found that companies deploy an average of 47 different cybersecurity solutions and technologies, yet only 39% of respondents said they are getting full value from their security investments. The accelerated digital transformation over the last year coupled with an increase in the number and sophistication of cybersecurity threats has only made the challenge of protecting your organization more difficult.

How can security ratings help?

Security ratings can help cut through the noise caused by having a large number of cybersecurity solutions and enable you to stay on top of cybersecurity risks. In fact, SecurityScorecard identifies over 33 billion security issues every week, arming you with the actionable data you need to take the next step and mitigate threats. Once a risk has been identified your team is able to prioritize appropriately and address it - whether it's opening an internal support ticket and resolving an issue, adding a comment to provide context to your Scorecard, or alerting a third party to the finding.

This process often involves multiple teams and solutions, which is why we’ve built the Integrate360° Marketplace, bringing you the largest ecosystem of integrations for security ratings so you can connect SecurityScorecard to the tools you already use. Whether you’re on the security operations, infosec, IT, compliance, or vendor risk management team, the Integrate360° Marketplace has something to make your job easier.

The Integrate360° Marketplace: integrations that work with what you have

SecurityScorecard Ratings are trusted by over 15,000 organizations to continuously monitor their organizations and third parties. Customers are always sharing the multiple ways they leverage security ratings within their organization. So we asked ourselves, how can we meet our customers where they work, provide enhanced visibility into risk, and maximize their existing investments into security technology?

That’s why we built the Integrate360° Marketplace, a one-stop shop to discover, unlock, and deploy additional trusted partner solutions and pre-built integrations to manage and accelerate risk mitigation. Integrate360° takes your security to the next level whether it's by enabling you to embed more actionable intelligence directly into your Scorecards, automating key processes to ensure your team can work smarter and faster, or deploying integrations to maximize your security technology investment. Let’s dive into how each integration type works and what they can do for you.

3 ways to utilize the Integrate360° Marketplace

1. Embed SecurityScorecard data into your adjacent tools

The first type of integrations you will find in the Integrate360° Marketplace are integrations that enable you to connect SecurityScorecard Ratings data to your existing solutions. Embedding security ratings data into the tools you are already using gives you a single pane of glass to drive cyber resilience. This is useful across multiple use cases, including:

  • Vendor risk management: With over 20 third-party risk management integrations, teams can embed security ratings directly into third-party profiles in their vendor risk management or GRC solution of choice.
  • Security operations and IT service management: Our integrations into over a dozen security tools — including your SIEM, ITSM, SOAR, CASB, and vulnerability management solution — enable security teams to integrate security ratings into their workflows, correlate data, and assign and take immediate action.
  • Cyber insurance underwriting: Make underwriting decisions with confidence with security ratings data embedded into quantitative modeling solutions.
  • C-suite & board members: Instantly integrate security ratings into board reporting tools to create presentations for your board and help drive data-driven business decisions.
  • Professional services: If you’re looking to build your third-party risk management practice or augment your team capacity, find the right service provider for you with security ratings embedded into their offering.

Tip: Integrations are a great way to get your other teams to start leveraging ratings and driving cyber resilience! If your team already has a solution - such as a GRC or TPRM - or looking for a new one, send them to our Marketplace, where they can deploy an integration into what they already use or select a solution that works with SecurityScorecard.

2. Add digital risk intelligence signals to Scorecards for 360° visibility

In addition to integrating security ratings into existing tools, you can also utilize the Integrate360° Marketplace to add digital risk intelligence signals to Scorecards. From published hacker reports to exposed confidential documents and credentials, and discovered darknet data, our digital risk intelligence integrations give you more depth into threats.

Tip: Log into the platform, select the partner signal you want, and start getting data about even more external threats with detailed next steps before they fall into the right hands.

3. Automate key workflows and save time on daily tasks

Extend the power of SecurityScorecard’s Rule Builder with our new collection of workflow automation apps. Stay ahead of cyber risks by setting up alerts so you never miss a Scorecard change. Whether you want to set up an alert in Slack or Microsoft Teams when a Score drops, create a ticket in Jira, or set up Zapps into thousands of tools connected to Zapier, SecurityScorecard gives you the flexibility you need.

Tip: Setting up automatic notifications with our workflow automation apps ensures that your team always gets alerted with the details they need to take immediate action. Whether you want to get notified when there’s a new finding on your Scorecard, a breach is detected for one of your vendors, or a critical CVE for a tier 1 third-party, our automation apps help you make sure the right people are alerted with the information they need to take the next step.

Security ratings + the right app = better together

There are countless ways you can integrate security ratings into your programs and teams to run more efficiently and effectively. The Integrate360° Marketplace enables you to improve existing workflows and helps you mitigate risk.

Whether you’re building up a program from the ground up or improving your existing workflows, you don’t want to miss out on integrations that you could be using to help you run your business and mitigate risk. Start connecting security ratings with what you have, and empower data-driven workflows for your organization.

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