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Security Scorecard

What it Means to Be a Leader in the Forrester New Wave

Posted on November 13th, 2018

In 2014, we launched an incredible journey building a fast-growing, innovative company focused on solving the challenges risk and security professionals face. Today, Forrester recognized our efforts by naming SecurityScorecard a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Solutions, Q4 2018 Report.

Download the report by clicking here.

When we started building the company, Sam and I dedicated ourselves to making unknown risks known and to creating a common language for security and risk professionals to identify and resolve those risks. We felt strongly about the importance of our idea so we spent our lunch hours pitching SecurityScorecard’s concept to investors while still working full-time jobs. Five years later, SecurityScorecard’s customers - including enterprises across various industries and all sizes - trust us to enable their cybersecurity risk management strategies.

The New Wave™ evaluates emerging technologies, and for us, this third-party review reiterates what our customers tell us everyday: SecurityScorecard has an easy-to-understand methodology; a strong commitment to data collection, rating efficacy, and transparency; and functionalities which drive stronger vendor review and collaboration.

What Set Us Apart

  • Our Advanced Data Collection Methodologies: “Trust but verify” is a fundamental concept that was at the genesis of SecurityScorecard. Forrester’s independent review labels us a leader in robust data collection and analysis focusing on how the platform improves customer risk analysis at every phase of the process: data collection, normalization, attribution, risk analysis, and scoring.

  • Our Attribution: Forrester identified SecurityScorecard for its risk analysis/attribution methodologies and rating efficacy/transparency. (Read more on our commitment to transparency and our involvement with the US Chamber of Commerce to establish Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Ratings here.)
  • How We Help Our Customers: The New Wave identifies SecurityScorecard as a leader for our dashboards and alerts. While many alerts can tell you if a problem exists, we wanted to build customer-centric, solutions-focused product that also provided suggestions and potential action plans for fixing the problem. Forrester listed us as a leader in not only alerting, but also in helping our customers.

Since 2013, our customers have trusted us, and today, Forrester validated that trust. For that, I want to personally thank our employees, customers, partners, and investors for their hard work to diligently build a world-class organization.

As we look to 2019 and beyond, we not only see the threat landscape continuing to evolve but also see the increased pressure regulatory agencies place on continuous monitoring of cybersecurity risks. We look forward to continuing to working with you to solve cybersecurity challenges and to build a better cybersecurity ecosystem.


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