3 Ways to Use SecurityScorecard's (New) Jira and Slack Apps

By Miryam Amsili Meir

Posted on Mar 12, 2021

If 2020 was the year of adjusting to new ways of working, 2021 is the year of driving efficiency and transparency across all business operations. As organizations depend on more tools across all business units, automation is the key to ensuring operational efficiency. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 50% of the G2000 will have a dedicated automation group, up from less than 10% in 2020, which culminates in agility and cost efficiencies. We have this in mind as we partner with the tools customers use to build apps and integrations in the SecurityScorecard Platform.

Last year, SecurityScorecard introduced Rule Builder, enabling IT and security teams to automate key workflows so they can save time and focus on the most critical aspects of their job. Now in the spirit of saving our customers time and driving efficiency, we’re excited to introduce our Jira and Slack apps, expanding the ways customers can use our Rule Builder in our platform.

What are SecurityScorecard Apps?

SecurityScorecard is proud to offer the leading ecosystem for cybersecurity ratings with over 25 integrations with industry solutions across multiple categories — including vendor risk management tools, GRC platforms, IT service management, SIEMs, and more. Our new SecurityScorecard Apps bring customers the ability to build custom workflows from SecurityScorecard into other tools they work in.

Customers experience multiple benefits of using our integrations and apps. Bringing Ratings and Atlas questionnaire data into their existing tools extends the value of their tech stack by saving time through integrated workflows and creating a 360° view of risk. Here are the 3 most common benefits that we see from customers using our Jira and Slack Apps.

1. Streamlined communication in Slack

The Slack app for SecurityScorecard enables you to work more productively and ensure that your team never misses a change on a Scorecard. This app extends the power of our Rule Builder with the ability to set up notifications in a designated Slack channel based on Scorecard changes and events. When your chosen event is triggered, you will receive a Slack message in your designated channel with more details on the event and a link to SecurityScorecard, enabling easy investigation.

Here are some of the Slack notifications that our customers use:

  • If a new breach is detected for any followed Scorecard, send an alert to a Slack channel. Vendor risk management teams gain continuous visibility of their third-party ecosystem, enabling them to collaborate in Slack and swiftly decide on their course of action as soon as a breach is detected.
  • If a new high severity issue is detected in a Scorecard on my Tier 1 portfolio, send an alert to a Slack channel. By receiving immediate notifications in Slack, third-party risk management teams have been able to review high severity issues for their most important vendors and swiftly decide further action in one designated Slack channel.

2. Immediate remediation with Jira tickets

Security and IT teams who spend time creating and solving tickets in Jira gain immediate benefits with our Jira App. This app gives users the ability to set up automatic ticket creation and assignment in Jira based on Scorecard changes and events. When the designated event is triggered, a Jira ticket will be created, including more details on the event and a link to SecurityScorecard.

Here are examples of some automations that our customers benefit from:

  • If a new high severity issue appears on my Scorecard, create a Jira ticket. Security and IT teams are able to assign a ticket, with details from SecurityScorecard already provided, so their team can take action to remediate and resolve the issue right away.
  • If a new CVE is detected on my Scorecard, create a Jira ticket. Being alerted to and resolving common vulnerabilities and exposures is a key component of maintaining a secure environment. SecurityScorecard continuously monitors your organization's digital footprint and our Jira integration will instantly create a ticket when a CVE is detected, providing the visibility customers need.

3. Easier collaboration across teams

SecurityScorecard’s easy-to-understand A to F security ratings make it easy to collaborate across teams and communicate cybersecurity in a common language. Our Jira and Slack apps help customers enhance cross-team collaboration by meeting teams where they work.

Here are some ways our customers leverage our Apps to enhance cross-team collaboration:

  • Invite other teams to your designated Slack channel for SecurityScorecard alerts: By creating a channel for SecurityScorecard alerts, you can incorporate members across multiple teams, streamlining collaboration through Slack. For example, by inviting your security, IT, and vendor risk management teams to one Slack channel, all stakeholders will be informed about vulnerabilities in their third-party ecosystem and can collaborate on the course of action.
  • Work together on a cross-functional Jira board: Teams leveraging Jira benefit from greater transparency and workflow management through Jira’s robust features. The Jira App for SecurityScorecard instantly creates tickets with detailed information in the ticket. The powerful combination of Jira’s collaboration tools and SecurityScorecard’s details have made it even easier for organizations to transform security into a team sport.

Final thoughts

Incorporating automation and creating workflows across your full tech stack is increasingly a priority as cybersecurity and third-party risk management are put under a microscope. On average, security teams deploy 47 different solutions. Yet, one-third of security professionals identify a lack of security tools and non-integration of security tools as major roadblocks. SecurityScorecard empowers teams to work more collaboratively and efficiently by meeting them in the tools they work. Integrating security tools and workflows is key to driving a more productive workforce and reducing the manpower needed to complete key tasks. Try SecurityScorecard today and deploy our Apps in minutes to power your workflows with objective and actionable cybersecurity data.

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