Top 15 Cybersecurity Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2020

By Phoebe Fasulo

Posted on Nov 26, 2019

Cybersecurity is more than just a catchphrase. It impacts everything you do online.

The best way to stay safe is to understand threats, vulnerabilities, and what’s happening in the industry. While we can help keep your business safe at SecurityScorecard, the next best thing is to follow these cybersecurity gurus on Twitter to stay in the know. In preparation for the new year, we've put together a list of 15 information security accounts you should:

1. @thegrugq | Thaddeus E. Grugq

Thaddeus Grugq is a respected information security consultant with a focus on cybersecurity and even international espionage. His feed is packed with articles about cybersecurity, some shared and some that he has written. His work and knowledge have been featured everywhere from The New York Times to Wired.

2. @hasherezade | Hasherezade

Hasherezade is a software engineer, malware analyst, and consultant that speaks publicly using her pseudonym and Twitter handle of the same name. She breaks down malware in a technical display and has a fantastic collection of tools that you can use on GitHub.

3. @n00py | Esteban Rodriguez

Esteban Rodriguez sets the tone for his Twitter account in his bio: “Retweeter of all things InfoSec. Never stop learning.” While his feed mostly revolves around a specific subset of cybersecurity, it is packed with information. If you like data, his account is a must-follow.

4. @craiu | Costin Raiu

Costin Raiu has one of the most creative Twitter bios that you’ll read: “Romanian antihacker from another planet; chief paleontologist.” He’s also a global team director at Kaspersky Lab, another name you might know for home computer security solutions. He shares a lot of industry news, plus a little code for inspiration.

5. @GelosSnake | Omri Segev Moyal

Omri Segev Moyal was named to the elite Forbes “30 Under 30” list for his work, and he runs the Malware Research Slack Group. He’s a leader in malware research and following his feed might help you spot an outbreak before it wreaks havoc in your company.

6. @jms_dot_py | Justin Seitz

Justin Seitz will help you better understand the dark web if you follow regularly. He’s a coding teacher and trainer, writer, and created a tool that’s popular among dark web investigators, Hunchly.

7. @OphirHarpaz | Ophir Harpaz

Ophir Harpaz is a security researcher and shares digital tools and resources that she’s created. Her feed is packed with usable code snippets and clips from various conferences and talks to help you feel like you are at a cybersecurity event.

8. @Paula_Piccard | Paula Piccard

Paula Piccard is a cybersecurity advocate and tech startup owner. Her feed is packed with news as well as usable information, including notification of data breaches.

9. @Adam_K_Levin | Adam Levin

Adam Levin is the author of “Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves.” The book and his Twitter conversations are packed with tips to identify potentially dangerous things online. You’ll feel a little safer just by following and skimming these posts.

10. @m49D4ch3lly | Dr. Magda Chelly, CISSP

Madga Chelly is the founder of Woman In Cyber and refers to herself as a “cyberfeminist” in her Twitter bio. She uses the social network to share some of the cybersecurity issues people face every day as well as lobbies for diversity in the field of cybersecurity.

11. @Raj_Samani | Raj Samani

Raj Samani is the chief scientist at McAfee, which you might know for home desktop computer security. He’s written books on cybersecurity and is an advisor on Internet security to Europol’s European Cybercrime Center. His feed mixes personal travel and cybersecurity talks – including videos, so you feel in the loop – with news and information to help you stay safe online.

12. @chrispcritters | Chris Parker

Chris Parker is a name you might not know, but the creator of a tool you’ve probably used. The privacy, safety, and cybersecurity guru created, a website that displays your IP information just by visiting the site.

13. @mckeay | Martin McKeay

Martin McKeay talks security regularly as a former host of a popular podcast on network security and a guest on other shows. His tweets are a bit on the lighter side, with a mix of news, cybercrime, and personal observations. Even though this can be a serious topic, McKeay’s Twitter feed shows that you can maintain a sense of humor.

14. @HydeNS33k | Sophie Daniel

Sophie Daniel, aka Jek Hyde, is a bit of a professional hacker. She’s hired by companies around the world to break their security systems and report on vulnerabilities. She might be most well-known for live-tweeting a physical pen-test in 2017. (It’s still pinned on her page if you want to see it.)

15. @Beaker | Chris Hoff

Chris Hoff is prolific on Twitter with more than 106,000 tweets to his name. It’s more like a conversation with musings on daily life with a little cybersecurity mixed in. Recent Tweets include everything from Game of Thrones mentions to information about a scholarship for young women in cybersecurity.

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