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The 7 Best Cybersecurity Websites

Posted on October 22nd, 2019

Another company just made the news for a data breach. What are you doing to ensure that your company, customers, and data are safe?

The world of information and cybersecurity seems to be changing almost daily. The right cybersecurity resources can help you stay informed and in-the-know about potential cyber threats before they impact your company.

Some of the best cybersecurity websites provide a mix of content – articles, videos, and even podcasts – to help you stay in the loop. Every site in this list includes regularly posted content by some of the top authorities in the business, including tech journalists, hackers, and security experts.

Each of these websites is worth bookmarking when you need a cybersecurity resource.

1. The Hacker News

The Hacker News is the place to find breaking news about cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. News is published daily, and loyal fans can subscribe to a newsletter so that all the stories come right to their inboxes.

The Hacker News has been around since 2010 with a mission to “educate people on how to use the Internet in the safest way.” The site boasts more than 8 million monthly readers and hosts The Hackers Conference each year.

2. Daniel Miessler

Daniel Miessler is a cybersecurity expert and writer that blogs and hosts a podcast about security and technology. His blog is updated several times a week, and you’ll find topics on everything from posts about malicious advertising to examples of bad metrics in a digital age. You can also access his podcast, Unsupervised Learning, from the website. Episodes are also previewed on the blog.

Miessler also curates cybersecurity news into a weekly email newsletter. He’s worked in cybersecurity for more than 20 years, has been featured in publications around the world, and is a sought-after speaker. His website is a glimpse into all of that experience.

3. CSO

CSO is the online newspaper of enterprise-level security decision makers. It features articles and video stories on everything from evolving threats to how to prepare for cyber attacks. Many of the features are more on the tech side than some other websites, but almost all of the content is written in a way that’s fresh and understandable.

CSO also features independent research, such as an annual state of cyber crime report, and national security conferences to bring together thought leaders in the field.

4. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is packed with information for a growing information security community. The website features plenty of stories about threats, vulnerabilities, and technology trends, but also serves as a discussion board for cyber defense professionals. Dark Reading “communities” are deeper dives into specific areas of enterprise-level security from analytics to attacks and breaches to IoT and threat intelligence.

News and community features are all free if you register on the site, making this one of the top places to engage in conversations with other professionals in the field of IT security.

5. Adam Shostack & Friends

Adam Shostack & Friends is not the flashiest website in terms of design, but it’s full of practical information. The site focuses on papers and studies that are relevant to the field of cybersecurity as well as a few fun blog posts, such as a feature packed with “Star Wars Episode 9” spoilers. Everything on the blog is grouped into neat categories so you can find information that pertains to what you need with ease.

Shostack is the author of “Threat Modeling: Designing for Security,” one of the premier texts about the industry. His friends on the website include Chandler Howell, of the first information security bloggers, Alex Hutton, who has been working in InfoSec since 1994, David Mortman, CSO-in-Residence for Echelon One where he works in research and analysis, and Brooke Paul, a former Fortune 500 company senior vice president and chief information security officer.

6. Cybersecurity Insiders

Cybersecurity Insiders is packed with news, reports, and tools such as webinars, courses, and events to help you stay on top of an industry that seems to be changing almost daily. The website is easy on the eyes and posts in a visual format, written by reputable technology journalists. The site is packed with news, from in-depth reports to quick hits from companies around the globe.

The site also includes a newsletter and list of popular articles, so you know what’s hot and trending.

7. The Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security

The Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security is a blog and podcast by Byron V. Acohido, a Pulitzer-winning journalist. He started covering cybersecurity in 2000 for USA Today and was named a Sans Top Cyber Security Journalist. The website is packed with in-depth articles and information that covers a range of information security topics. It is updated regularly.

The best thing about this website is that every article is written in a way that makes this complex topic relatively easy to understand. Posts explain both what’s happening and potential implications, making it a great place to find information about the industry and what’s coming. Many of the articles also include an accompanying podcast if you prefer to listen to your news.

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of the information and cybersecurity industry is to read about what’s happening and keep in contact with the community. These websites provide plenty of cybersecurity resources through articles, videos, and podcasts to keep you in the loop.

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