Stronger Together: SecurityScorecard and Splunk

By Phoebe Fasulo

Posted on Dec 12, 2018

Splunk is the newest addition to SecurityScorecard’s rapidly growing technology integration partner portfolio. The SecurityScorecard app for Splunk Enterprise and Cloud Platforms is now available in the Splunk app store.

As a market leader in security information and event management (SIEM), enterprises around the world rely on Splunk to give security operation centers (SOCs) visibility into security events and log management of data across the organization.

Integrating SecurityScorecard security ratings and findings into Splunk solutions enables deeper insights into enterprise and third-party cyber risk. The combination of SecurityScorecard security ratings, generated from externally observable data, and Splunk’s AI and machine-learning capabilities facilitates more informed decisions, third-party risk program scalability, and automated response to cybersecurity risk events. This fully integrated solution enables customers to gain comprehensive visibility into vendor ecosystem risk directly from the SIEM.

Splunk customers can now leverage three components of the SecurityScorecard platform:

  • SecurityScorecard’s overall letter-grade security ratings for instant visibility of the cybersecurity posture of any organization via an easy-to-understand A-F rating scale.
  • SecurityScorecard’s underlying factor data in key risk categories, including Application Security, IP Reputation, Patching Cadence, and Network Security. Each of these factors is predictive. For example, companies with a C, D, or F rating are more than 5.4 times more likely to experience a data breach than those with an A or B rating.
  • SecurityScorecard issue-related data -- breadth and depth of critical data points across 87 different issue types not available from any other security ratings provider.

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