SecurityScorecard’s Spring 2020 Release is Here to Enable Effective Collaboration!

By Michelle Wu

Posted on Jun 2, 2020

The importance of collaborating on cybersecurity is at an all-time high as workforces have shifted to remote work, accelerating the digital transformation, and the need to do more with less. Many organizations are depending on their security teams to protect against an uptick of cyber attacks that pose a major risk to their business operations. Here at SecurityScorecard we believe that this is an enterprise-wide exercise that requires everyone to work together better.

That said, we are:

  • Committed to building industry-leading innovations to empower your workforce to collaborate effectively around mitigating cybersecurity risk
  • Proud to unveil our latest innovations to enable effective collaboration in our Spring 2020 Release on June 2nd!
  • Excited to bring you a new report that describes 5 steps to build a Modern Risk Management Team through turbo-charging collaboration.

What is effective collaboration?

Modern cyber risk management requires effective collaboration. Effective collaboration enables organizations to win as a team. Whether you work in security operations, incident response, vulnerability management, risk analysis, threat analysis, fraud prevention, vendor risk management, or security leadership—this helps you prove value, increase the ROI of your existing tools, and reduce risk.

At SecurityScorecard, we empower thousands of organizations all over the world to collaborate on cybersecurity. We’ve seen how modern cyber risk management can impact every team in an organization when done correctly. By collaborating on cybersecurity:

  • Vendor risk management teams onboard third parties 75% faster.
  • Legal ensures 100% of cybersecurity liability to vendors in contracts.
  • Finance teams optimize the cost of cyber insurance by getting more coverage for the same price.
  • Sales decreases time to close by several weeks leveraging cybersecurity hygiene up front.
  • Marketing stands out against the competition with objective security ratings to benchmark their cybersecurity hygiene.
  • Preparing reports for Executives and the Board of Directors goes down to minutes, helping them understand the ROI of cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Security teams maintain an up-to-date inventory of their digital footprint, optimizing pen tests and other cybersecurity initiatives.
  • IT teams maintain control over their firm’s cybersecurity hygiene and automate tasks based on changes, saving hours by prioritizing risk.

These are just some of the benefits our customers experience by using SecurityScorecard to continuously monitor their organization’s and vendor ecosystem’s cybersecurity posture and collaborate to remediate cyber risk.

How can you build a modern and collaborative risk management team?

We’ve worked with our customers—global IT, security, and VRM leaders—to learn their best practices in building and operationalizing modern cyber risk management operations. We’ve taken those learnings and distilled them into our latest ebook: Five Steps to a Modern Cyber Risk Management Team. We’re excited to bring you 5 proven steps for effective collaboration, including:

  1. Identifying your organizations’ overall goals and where cybersecurity fits in;
  2. Explaining and communicating cybersecurity to non-technical personnel;
  3. Collaborating with your third-party vendors and business partners to remediate risk;
  4. Providing actionable insights that the Board and Executives understand;
  5. Operationalizing your Initiatives to Maintain Visibility and Transparency.

SecurityScorecard’s latest innovations to enable effective collaboration

Our updated product suite for modern cyber risk management empowers Security and Risk Teams to collaborate more effectively. Being collaborative allows stakeholders to work faster, smarter, and “win together” with internal teams and their third parties around the globe. Featuring a newly launched Invited Company experience, remediation transparency, automated workflows, and educational materials, and the ability to summarize and share risk findings with Atlas, the combination of recently released capabilities empowers your team to do more with less and protect your organization.

Take advantage of the Spring 2020 Release updates in these ways

We invite you to learn more about our release and latest updates:

  • Mark your calendars! Join our Product Marketing team on June 9th to learn more about our latest features and how to leverage them for effective collaboration.
  • Download our ebook to take the 5 steps you need to build a modern risk management team.
  • Go in-depth on every feature on our Release Notes.
  • Read our Press Release to learn more about this exciting release.
  • Keep up to date on all of the resources for SecurityScorecard releases and join the conversation in SecurityScorecard Connect, our customer community.

At SecurityScorecard, we are committed to making the world a safer place by transforming the way organizations understand, improve and communicate cybersecurity risk to their stakeholders, employees, and third parties.

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