Speed Up Security and VRM Workflows with Zapier and SecurityScorecard

By Miryam Meir

Posted on Jul 1, 2021

Security ratings are one out of the myriad of tools that security, IT, and vendor risk management teams rely on. In fact, we know that companies deploy an average of 47 different cybersecurity solutions and technologies; yet only 39% of security leaders believe that they are getting full value from their security investments. That’s why we built our Zapier app, enabling you to connect SecurityScorecard to over 3,000 apps and automate key workflows based on SecurityScorecard data.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is the leading global leader in easy automation for businesses and the most popular way to automate tasks through customized workflows. Zapier is used by leading companies around the world — such as Typeform, HackerOne, Adobe, and Spotify — to integrate, automate, and innovate their daily workflows. Setting up automated workflows, called Zaps, between apps is quick, easy, and requires no code.

What’s great about our integration with Zapier is that you can create multi-step Zaps, chaining together as many actions as you want. For example, when there is a score drop for your own Scorecard or a Scorecard you follow, you can send an SMS using Twilio, create a GitHub issue, and update a Google sheet all at the same time.

With over 3,000 apps across multiple categories ranging from business intelligence to IT operations and productivity apps, the world is your oyster with the SecurityScorecard app for Zapier. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are 3 ways that our customers are already leveraging Zapier and SecurityScorecard to work more productively and amplify risk mitigation.

1. Scale your vendor and third-party risk management workflows

According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, of the 44% of organizations that experienced a breach within the last 12 months, 74% say it was a result of giving too much-privileged access to third parties.

Increasingly, third-party risk management teams face intense scrutiny. As attacks increasingly target the supply chain, managing third-party risk manually becomes time-consuming and burdensome. The modern third-party risk management team needs to monitor everything continuously across an increasingly large vendor ecosystem, including shadow IT, cloud vendor security posture, discovery of unmanaged assets, and optimizations of incident response times.

Here are some Zaps we’ve seen that can help you successfully scale your workflows:

  • SecurityScorecard + Salesforce: When a breach is detected for a third-party you follow, this zap automatically updates the record in Salesforce to indicate that further action is needed and adds the Scorecard to a breaches Portfolio in SecurityScorecard.

SecurityScorecard +Slack/Microsoft Teams + ServiceNow: When a critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE ) is found for a vendor in your Tier 1 Portfolio, this zap automatically updates your third-party risk management team in the appropriate Slack/Microsoft Teams channel and updates a record in ServiceNow, enabling instant action.

2. Accelerate IT service management responses

With over 33 billion security issues identified every week, SecurityScorecard security ratings provide IT and security operations teams with actionable data so they can mitigate threats.

Here are some ways we’ve seen security and IT teams leverage Zapier to streamline security workflows:

  • SecurityScorecard + Zoho Analytics + Jira: If your Scorecard changes, such as detection of a critical CVE, you can create an automated action. This then creates a Jira ticket and assigns further investigation activities to the appropriate team member. Finally, this Zap creates a row in Zoho Analytics to visually analyze your support team’s performance.
  • SecurityScorecard + Gmail + Google Forms: If a breach is detected for your organization, you can automate an email to your security and IT team alerting them of the breach. This Zap then automates sending a Google Forms survey to your entire organization, collecting more information on the potential breach.

3. Drive cyber resilient developer operations within your organization

IT, operations, and development teams write and run applications at scale. While this enables innovation, it also exposes your organization to potential threats. Security ratings give you the ability to continuously monitor your organization’s security posture and gain an outside-in view of security.

Zapier enables you to extend:

  • SecurityScorecard + Datadog: Create triggers from SecurityScorecard that will add a new metric post in Datadog when a CVE is detected for your own organization. This way, you can seamlessly correlate security ratings data with the rest of your security stack right in Datadog.

SecurityScorecard + GitLab + Slack/Microsoft Teams: Bring SecurityScorecard, Gitlab, and Slack/Microsoft Teams together to enable immediate action when specific issues are detected on your Scorecard, such as exposed database services. This Zap creates a new Gitlab issue and alerts your team in a designated Slack or Microsoft Teams channel.

SecurityScorecard + Zapier = Better Together

When looking for a security ratings provider, finding a solution that works with what you have is key. These examples are just some ways that we’ve seen our customers leverage SecurityScorecard and Zapier, but the possibilities are infinite.

Visit the SecurityScorecard Integrate360° Marketplace and deploy the Zapier app to start integrating security ratings into your workflows right away.

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