SecurityScorecard Summer Intern Experience

By Phoebe Fasulo

Posted on Jun 20, 2019

Engaging the next generation of cyber security ratings professionals and leaders is in our #SecurityDNA, which is why we are passionate about creating an internship program with impact. SecurityScorecard’s 2019 Summer Internship Program kicked off in New York City on June 3, launching 10 weeks of immersion in the cyber security ratings industry and an introduction to SecurityScorecard’s unique culture, mission and values. We have petabytes of expertise and experience here at SSC, and combined with the fresh ideas and intellectual curiosity of college and grad students, it’s a match made in hacker heaven!

We are thrilled to welcome a cohort of undergrad and graduate students who will embed themselves in functions across the organization, including sales engineering, data engineering, people ops, marketing, sales ops and business development. Interns will be partnering with SSC subject matter experts like Sales Engineer Michelle Koestani, Senior Data Engineer Peter Goggi and Senior Manager of Sales Ops Aparna Muralidharan to build domain knowledge and valuable skills that will be applicable no matter where their career trajectories take them.

In alignment with our #OneScorecard value, which reflects our collaborative, fail together, win together ethos, we desire each intern to feel welcomed as part of the team and contribute to projects that are meaningful to them and to their leaders and mentors here at SSC. In addition to high impact project work, we’ve got a full calendar of events planned for our cohort. We’ve crafted custom experiences including a gathering with our Co-Founders Alex Yampolskiy and Sam Kassoumeh, a lock picking workshop for a tactile play on security, a professional personality styles workshop with SSC UX Designer and life coach Gabriel Golcher, and mixers in partnership with NS1 and RapidSoS, start-ups in our VC Two Sigma Ventures’ portfolio.

Read on to learn more about our interns, their academics, and their plans for summer 2019 and beyond!


Infrastructure Services Intern 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

Marlon has been interning at SSC since October through a work study program at his high school. He had the chance to work with many different teams throughout the company and will be continuing his internship with the Infrastructure Services department through the summer. In the fall, Marlon will be attending St. Francis College in Brooklyn, majoring in Business. His special talent? He can play hip hop songs on the piano. 


Sales Engineering Intern 

Hometown: Bucks County, PA

Mairead is a Senior at Penn State studying Security and Risk Analysis, with a concentration on Cyber security. This is her first summer in New York! She’s most looking forward to learning how to navigate the city on her own and make it to her first Yankees Game. In the future, she hopes to continue working in the tech industry. 


Business Development Intern

Hometown: Morris County, NJ 

Melissa is a Junior at Lehigh University studying Computer Science and Business. In the future, she’s looking towards working in fintech as a tech analyst at a bank or maybe someday becoming the founder of her own startup. In the meantime, this summer, she’ll be spending her weekends at concerts in Central Park and attending the NYC Summer Ice Cream Blizzard Festival. 


Data Engineering Intern

Hometown: New Delhi, India 

Raghav is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at SUNY Buffalo. Prior to starting his Masters Course, he was working as a data analyst and engineer in India for two years. He was attracted to the startup world because he felt it would be an environment in which he could have a larger individual impact. He found out about SecurityScorecard through a Reddit thread, thought it would be a great fit and applied! 


Brand Marketing Intern

Hometown: Norristown, PA

Gargi recently graduated from New York University with a degree in Politics, Rights and Development. She was attracted to SSC to learn about a field vastly different from her own. In the fall, she will be attending the London School of Economics, getting her Masters in Global Health and International Development. In the future, she hopes to work in HealthTech. 


Sales Ops Intern 

Hometown: Bangalore, India 

Harsha is a Masters student studying Information Systems at the University of Maryland. Before coming to the United States, Harsha worked as a Salesforce developer at a large company in India for three years. An avid sports buff, Harsha always keeps up to date with cricket, basketball and soccer. He’s now exploring the world of American football and is still surveying his options for a team to align himself with. However, he’s already ruled out the Patriots.

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