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SecurityScorecard Is One of Only Five Organizations to Partner with the Institute for Security and Technology’s Ransomware Task Force to Create the Blueprint for Ransomware Defense

Katherine Ledesma, Senior Partnerships & Government Affairs Director
Posted on August 4th, 2022

On August 4, the Institute for Security and Technology’s (IST) Ransomware Task Force (RTF) announced the release of its Blueprint for Ransomware Defense - a clear, actionable framework for ransomware mitigation, response, and recovery aimed at helping organizations navigate the growing frequency of attacks.

SecurityScorecard is proud to be the only security ratings platform to sponsor and participate in the development of The Blueprint, and is one of only 5 organizations who participated in the program’s development.

IST’s Blueprint for Ransomware Defense

The Blueprint includes 40 recommended Safeguards, carefully selected for their ease of implementation and effectiveness against ransomware threats. The effort applies to all organizations but is especially relevant for small and medium-sized enterprises, giving them clear guidance for protecting against and responding to cyber incidents.

Per IDC’s 2021 Ransomware Study, 37% of the world’s organizations report having suffered a ransomware attack in 2021. These attacks cause significant harm to an organization’s operations, their reputation, and the actual costs for the ransom payment and remediation are escalating. The consequences for small- and medium-sized businesses, in particular, may be more severe as they lack the resources of larger organizations to defend against cyber attacks.

Now, the cybersecurity community is gathering forces to tackle this threat and providing a series of implementable defensive actions to protect against and respond to ransomware and other common cyber attacks.

Why the RTF chose SecurityScorecard as a partner

In response to the rising security concerns around ransomware attacks, the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) created the Ransomware Task Force (RTF) on April 21, 2021, together with several partners, including SecurityScorecard as a founding partner. Both IST and SecurityScorecard are driven by a common mission: making the world a safer place through continued action, innovation, and providing effective methods to tackle cyber threats.

SecurityScorecard’s leadership in the cybersecurity space and subject matter expertise are key factors in the partnership. SecurityScorcard also continues to actively support the working group for the Blueprint for Ransomware Defense and the RTF; you can find more information about the RTF on this page.

To learn more, join SecurityScorecard’s VP of Offensive Security, Ken Jenkins,and members of the Blueprint for Ransomware Defense Working Group at the MS-ISAC Annual Meeting, August 8 at 2:30 p.m. to discuss the Blueprint and its ability to help organizations reduce their risk of an attack.

SecurityScorecard’s recent public sector partnerships

SecurityScorecard is proud and privileged to work on a number of U.S. federal, state, and local efforts to improve cybersecurity on a large scale including:

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