SecurityScorecard Breaks 1 Million Companies Rated

By Phoebe Fasulo

Posted on Dec 20, 2018

SecurityScorecard today announced that it has more than 1 million companies rated in its platform, giving organizations instantly available, full scorecards, including for small and medium size businesses worldwide -- more quickly and more intelligently than any solution on the market.

Elevated Value for SecurityScorecard Customers Across the Market

  • Confident Security Ratings for Exponentially More Vendors Allows Organizations to Make Rapid Business Decisions - Given that 63 percent of breaches emanate from third parties, and organizations increasingly outsource critical functions to third parties, vendors, and partners, there’s an urgent need for instant access to trusted and accurate cybersecurity ratings for any organization of any size. This 1 million scorecard milestone provides benefits to vendor risk managers, cyber insurers, and others, including: reducing time to quote, verifying risk decisions, and enabling easier onboarding of new businesses. 
  • Increased Access to Historical Data and Better Insights for Auditors, Insurance Companies, and Other Evaluators of Cyber Risk - A core benefit of scoring more companies earlier is that SecurityScorecard is now also collecting history for these companies sooner. For insurance companies, auditors, those making M&A decisions, and more, having access to the history of an organization’s cybersecurity health is a pivotal data point when making decisions. For example, auditors, especially those evaluating compliance with or adherence to an industry standard, are looking for proof of healthy cybersecurity behaviors over time, information on the responsiveness of the organization in fixing issues, and so on.
  • Unprecedented Scale Enables a More Holistic View of Cybersecurity Risk Across the Ecosystem -This unprecedented scalability enables organizations with massive vendor, partner, or other ecosystems to rapidly assess postures and achieve a near real-time perspective of security preparedness. Insurance companies can effortlessly evaluate the entire population of their insureds or prospective insureds at the hundreds of thousands.

Groundbreaking Change, Built on New Turbocharged Architecture

Enabling nearly five times more organizations to be scored than other comparative solutions allow today, SecurityScorecard’s Bluepipe Data Processing Engine, released in September, has enabled SecurityScorecard to break the bounds of traditional hand curation and deliver a dynamic scalable solution that moves at the pace of the internet’s changes to score an increasing swath of companies, at least daily.

“We provide viable up-to-date information, and we do it with architecture that’s built to scale and truly provide continuous monitoring. The logic of hand curation being a more accurate solution goes out the window when you look at the dynamic nature of the internet. The internet evolves, hackers evolve in the tech they use, and anything human-driven is not going to scale to the performance parameters demanded by the market today,” Jasson Casey, CTO of SecurityScorecard.

This methodology trumps any human-driven solution on the market today, as it encompasses 5-10x more companies rated than any other provider in the industry.

“The latest cybersecurity job report predicts a 3.2 million cyber deficit by 2021. Companies cannot rely on human validation as a viable solution to scale in assessing cyber risk across the entire ecosystem, which may include hundreds of thousands of vendors,” said Sam Kassoumeh, Co-Founder and COO of SecurityScorecard. “Through the milestone of reaching 1 million companies rated, SecurityScorecard is doubling down on its ability to provide risk visibility to all types of businesses globally, with contextual insights from the company’s deep historical data set.”

This announcement marks the moment at which organizations can add and score new companies in minutes, not days. Insurance companies, vendor risk managers, and any other evaluator of cybersecurity risk can now, for the first time at this scale, reap the benefits of more company ratings being instantly available, with the knowledge that the scoring is deeply founded in technology focused on scaling dynamically and providing holistic, meaningful insights.  Learn more here.

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