Release Notice: New Vendor Collaboration Enhancements Accelerates Path to Remediation and Improved Ratings

By Imarc

Posted on May 23, 2017

SecurityScorecard strives to make vendor collaboration easy and accessible. Our latest release strengthens the vendor collaboration process by:

  1. Setting clear expectations between customers and their vendors with regard to security issue remediation;  
  2. Empowering customers by increasing transparency over the engagement level of their vendors in improving their security;
  3. Providing vendors with enhanced clarity and a path to success during the early stages of onboarding.

Setting expectations

When inviting vendors to the platform, customers now have the option to clearly set the expectations for a minimum rating level and the timeliness of suggested remediations.  A minimum ratings level allows the customer to drive policy and compliance internally, while properly informing vendors of expectations.and removing any opacity on when a ratings improvement will take place.

Tracking Activity

This release will show customers the activity levels of their invited vendors. New communication tools will streamline how the vendor ecosystem creates accountability to collaboratively improve security.  

Portfolio dashboard improvements now classify vendors as “active” when they have had any activity on the platform during the past 90 days. This benchmark gives a quick look at which vendors are actively working to improve their security posture within the SecurityScorecard platform.

Onboarding for Invited Vendors

We’re setting the vendor ecosystem up for success. Now, when an invited vendor logs into the SecurityScorecard platform for the first time, they will be prompted to go through onboarding and guided by a walk-through that explains the platform, our grading methodology, and sets customer expectations for the remediation of issues found on their scorecards. 

Our improved onboarding process seamlessly directs new vendors to resources and support processes within the platform that will increase the speed at which third-parties remediate issues - leading to improved scores and lower risk.

Portfolio dashboard improvements give customers the ability to see how many invitations are pending for each vendor invited to the platform.

A Path to Improved Security

With these new features, customers can determine how engaged their vendors are in remediation while also developing synergy to expedite risk reduction in a measurable way.

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