#MeetTheTeam with Matthew Ancelin, Sales Engineer in Sales Engineering

By Jeff Aldorisio

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

Why did you join SecurityScorecard?

I joined SecurityScorecard (SSC) because I was drawn to the risk and compliance sector of the security industry. I came from the firewall world, but I wanted to explore an area that was new to me so I could continue to learn and grow across the security spectrum. Another reason I joined SSC was for my passion to do more than what I was hired for, and be able to really build something. That’s proving itself out to be true every day. I work primarily as a Sales Engineer, but also am involved in Product Development, Customer Success, training, and technical support. I like that within the startup environment here I get to get my hands in a lot of different fields and operate outside of my focus area.

What are your favorite parts about working with your team?

We’re always able to correct each other and improve upon these criticisms, which is an uncommon trait that’s prevalent here. It’s so clear that everyone is always trying to get better at what they do--even the most seasoned employees are open to constructive criticism.

What’s something quirky about the company?

I’ve never worked with a company that communicates with each other using giphy and emojis almost exclusively!

What values are important to you at a job? How do you experience those values at work?  

Valued contribution from people at all levels. It’s one thing for a company to give lip service that they’re gathering feedback from employees, and then another to see certain ideas that you’ve had being implemented. At bigger companies, your ideas can get lost in the noise, but at SecurityScorecard they’re listened to and valued.

What work/projects are you most proud of since working here?

I was proud of how quickly both of my representatives [Duncan Rounds and Kyle Wilson, Regional Field Sales Directors] and I were able to work together for my first sales engagements. I was only in a couple weeks into the company the first time I had done a solo demo in front of a customer, and that customer did in fact buy from us. I am finding that our solution satisfies a real need for our customers, it’s not just a nice-to-have. I’m proud of other accomplishments such as improvements made on internal reports, crafting training for users and employees, and building alliances with data integration partners. I feel like the projects I work on will leave a lasting effect on SecurityScorecard.

What are some things you’ve learned at SecurityScorecard?

I’m learning the rigors of Product Management and Product Development, because I’m closer to this side of this process than I’ve ever been at any other company. I’ve never been as close to the feature development process, with all its complex challenges and quality assurance, as I am at SecurityScorecard. All of this adds a fascinating twist to my career.

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