#MeetTheTeam with Gabriel Golcher, Senior UX Designer in Product

Posted on Jul 3, 2018

1. Why did you join SecurityScorecard? 

 There were two things that prompted me to join SecurityScorecard (SSC). The first was the magnitude of the challenge. I’ve always had a North Star when pursuing demanding projects, which means I search for opportunities where I can add substantial value and grow in the process. I identified that this was a great product that would benefit substantially from UX, and thus would allow me to make a significant impact; I was very attracted to the opportunity to make our product much better for our customers. The second thing is the culture. I had the intuition that this was an outgoing, people-focused culture that I would be very compatible with. The company was able to move quickly but was also laser-focused on the wellness and well-being of the employee. It’s a great environment, and one where I feel my contributions are meaningful and are valued. 

2. What’s different about our company than others you’ve worked for? 

 There is a mix of focus on the employee, and at the same time this culture of high-flying confidence in our work, where we really see ourselves adding value to customers in a way that can, not to be cliché, be game-changing. I’ve been at other companies, where this capacity for contribution and opportunity is less easy to visualize, or the culture is more focused on results and less-focused on whether or not we did the right thing. 

3. What are your favorite parts about your job and your team? 

 The team is very compatible in the sense that we all bring something to the table while being a tight-knit community. The product team is very close--we have very good leadership, we look out for each other, and we’re always sharing knowledge. No matter which members of the team I work with, l’ll feel like they’ll have my back. Also, the people on the team are high-caliber. We all have a perspective that we should do the best for the customer, and we collaborate towards that goal. It’s less about who’s in positions of authority, and whose position it is to do what, and more about where we add value. I feel like my work has meaning, has a purpose, and has importance. I’ve come in to do work that was needed. I wasn’t just doing a backfill or being another name in a list. I’ve been given the opportunity to do something above and beyond, and I see that opportunity being afforded to everybody. People here don’t come to just do their work, they come because there’s a higher calling. 

4. What qualities do people need to be successful here?

Being laser-focused on the customer as a source of value, as a source of who we are and our raison d’être, comes first. Our primary driver is that we have a product that really fulfills the customer’s needs, and we care about these customers so much that we’ll go the extra mile to deliver. The other one is caring about the people that surround you. These are people that are working in the company with you out of that same love for the customer. If you’re here because you love what you do, who you’re doing it for, why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it with, you’ll do absolutely great.

5. How does SecurityScorecard support your passions? 

 I’ve found an environment where I have the opportunity to influence what’s right and what’s necessary for the customer, which is the centerpiece of being a UX designer. I’ve been in other environments where I can only contribute to my assigned project, and opportunities to influence beyond just my crafted work are limited, but that is not the case here. There are also are great benefits that SSC has, such as tuition reimbursement, which enable me to grow in the areas I’m interested in. My manager is very supportive of my personal growth, especially if it adds value to the company. Thirdly, the opportunity to work remotely makes a huge difference, because I can do great, rewarding work in the environment that I prefer, which is a home office. I don’t feel like a second-class citizen, like I’ve felt in other places, for making that choice at all. I feel like I’m just as included, just as valued, and playing just as critical a role.

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