Looking Ahead to RSAC 2019: How Can We Work for BETTER Privacy and Security?

By Phoebe Fasulo

Posted on Mar 1, 2019

Everyone can work together for “better” privacy and security.

Technology has advanced, expanded, grown exponentially and become a critical component of doing business today. Here are some statistics to consider when looking at the “dot com boom” compared to today: 

  • Big data “produced” about 1.5 exabytes per year versus 3 exabytes per day
  • Mobile subscriptions totaled 740M and are now 7.5B
  • 0% of enterprises used the cloud. 70% use it today.
  • 400M internet users versus 4B today
  • And everyone’s favorite - 200M IoT devices is now estimated at 10B.

This exponential growth comes with security risks that demand better solutions, processes and programs to ensure ongoing compliance and risk mitigation. As we reflect on years past and look for a secure future, we learn that “practice makes perfect” is a true statement after all. 

Lessons learned based on dealing with over 14B records lost or stolen to date has forced us to implement better security programs to ensure continuous data protection.

Many regulations have appeared over the years pushing us to implement better processes and procedures to ensure continuous compliance. Large organizations, for example, in the case of GDPR, have learned that privacy requirements have become the norm. Implementing better privacy programs in support of such regulations has become a must to avoid facing HUGE fines.

Cybersecurity risks and threats are evolving. It is hard to maintain a solid cybersecurity posture without better technologies, tools, risk prediction algorithms and much more. We have to stay ahead of cybercriminals. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that happens – from senior management to the firewall administrator.

Let’s not forget that we implement better controls to mitigate risks. All organizations face their unique risks with one commonality – cyber risk. Continuous assurance of cybersecurity is critical across all industries, all regulations, and all global standards. Whether intentional or not, we all must work together for the same goal of protecting what’s important.

Government entities and the private sector can collaborate and work together to ensure uninterruptible businesses and a brighter future. We want better security for a safer tomorrow. Let’s all strive to build better programs to be proactive rather than reactive and stay ahead of the game. 

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