Introducing SecurityScorecard Connect, Our New Online Customer Community

By Kasey Hewitt

Posted on Apr 1, 2020

SecurityScorecard is extremely excited to roll out its newest customer benefit, our online customer community - SecurityScorecard Connect! This offering is the result of six months’ worth of planning and a company lifetime of wanting. Being customer centric and obsessing over making our customers happy is one of our company’s core values. Therefore once our customer base grew to a level where we had the numbers needed to sustain a community, we launched into action.

SecurityScorecard Connect extends our customer advocacy program to an online forum where customers can engage in networking, learn valuable information about SecurityScorecard products and services, and participate in educational and rewarding activities. As a member, our customers and elite partners gain three main benefits: access, status and knowledge.


Under the protection of our NDA, members (who we call Connectors) can engage with like minded customers and elite partners to talk openly about their security, risk and compliance challenges, and best practices. Customers now have a safe forum with real time mass access to their peers across the globe. This need was glaringly obvious from our live regional user group events. There was high demand for community connectivity and knowledge sharing. In addition to peer networking, Connectors can also interact with SecurityScorecard subject matter experts and executives who they may not have had a connection to otherwise bringing us closer and more in tune with the needs of our customers.


SecurityScorecard chose an environment that includes an element of gamification. So, in addition to having a platform where Connectors can contribute as thought leaders and be seen as experts in both the SecurityScorecard platform and the Cybersecurity Ratings Industry, they can also earn rewards for their ongoing participation. These rewards can be cashed in for things such as SecurityScorecard swag, retail gift cards or experiences. There’s even an option to donate to a wide range of charities.


There is so much industry data available within the forum. SecurityScorecard Connectors will have first communication on published product information before anyone else and product management will facilitate and solicit beta activity requests amongst its members. News about regional customer events, relevant industry content, and exclusive content within a knowledge base that helps optimize Connectors SecurityScorecard investment is included.

    At SecurityScorecard, our mission is to make the world a safer place and being customer centric is a huge part of that mission. It’s an organization where the company’s core values are engrained and followed by every employee, every day. It’s not a plaque on the wall but a way of thinking. Given the current climate of the world, the roll out of this community certainly comes in a time where it’s more useful than ever.

    Everyone here at SecurityScorecard is ecstatic for this launch taking place April 1st, 2020 as was the small subset of our customer base who we solicited to participate in our early adopters’ period. When you start a project like this, you hope it will be well received, support the needs and expectations of its members, and organically grow into a high-value benefit for SecurityScorecard customers. With the volume of activity that has already taken place both by our early adopter customers and our employees, I have no doubt that what we have here is truly something magical.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank the many Scorecarders who volunteered (yes, volunteers who saw the vision of this forums’ potential and had the passion to move it along) beyond their day jobs and responsibility to get this off the ground. These people blew me away with their insights, drive and commitment to see this to through fruition. To the folks below, you breathe life into our S[CORE]card Values and it’s the utmost privilege working alongside you!

    Alexa Austin, Gabriel Golcher, Anisha Hullihen, Brad Hill, Jodi Torres, Bill Spinner, Blair Johnson, Miryam Meir, Phoebe Fasulo, Jeff Aldorisio, Kenny Roush, and Michelle Wu.

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