For the States: Accountability Starts with Measurement

By Fehmida Bholat

Posted on Oct 15, 2020

SecurityScorecard was founded in 2013 with a single mission: Make the world a safer place. To date we’ve gathered a history of outside-in security vulnerabilities of over 1.5 million companies and have been validated by independent pen testers. Their results showed our findings to be 95% accurate. See here to learn more. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on our technology for visibility, measurement, and to maintain overall good cybersecurity hygiene.

With the upcoming election, and like other security companies in the market, we looked to the US state and territories security scores with interest. Like our other industry reports, we brought to light and published areas of improvement and offered free and open access to that data. We believe at SecurityScorecard, every organization has the universal right to their free and accurate scorecard. Any organization can create a free account on our ratings platform and any organization can update their scorecard for free. Always. This is not a limited time offer.

For various industries and government agencies, we have offered more robust capabilities as needed. In fact, during the first half of COVID, we partnered with HS-ISAC to raise awareness with expanded free accounts to their members. We extend that same offer to states and regions today in the hopes of improving their overall security posture.

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