Announcing the First Collaborative Security Risk Platform

By Imarc

Posted on Sep 23, 2015

Our Mission is to Empower Every Company with Collaborative Security Intelligence

Today, we are proud to launch the first fully collaborative platform for closing the security loop with partners. Via the 'Invite a Vendor' function, customers can now directly share detailed Scorecard information with strategic partners, suppliers, and vendors. SecurityScorecard customers can speed up the time to remediation and resolution of the risks lurking in the partner ecosystem— and reduce the friction in partner security mitigation with independently-validated security data.

"The SecurityScorecard data and workflow is groundbreaking for managing enterprise risk," said Michael Bryzek, co founder and former CTO of Gilt Groupe about the new collaborative workflow. "The ability to collaborate with vendors directly from an independent, accurate security intelligence source allows us to simultaneously speed up verification of issues, and see them to resolution quickly and without conflict."

Who Is It For?

Vendor risk managers can benefit from faster risk validation and hassle-free remediation with partners and suppliers.

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The new platform allows organizations to effectively augment the time consuming validation process by using cutting-edge security risk intelligence information to:

●   Fix partner issues rapidly by closing the validation and verification loop.

●   Take back control of data by enforcing and validating data protection standards across all third party environments.

●   Ensure data is protected even when the data is not in your own network or is protected by another entity.

How Does It Work?

Our cutting edge, security-risk benchmarking platform is powered by the ThreatMarket™ security intelligence engine picking up 30 million daily risk signals and sensors that are filtered in to a business-ready dashboard.

Our platform grades the following categories:

1. Web Application Security
2. Network Security
3. Endpoint Security
4. Hacker Chatter
5. Social Engineering
6. DNS Health
7. IP Reputation
8. Patching Cadence
9. Password Exposure
10. Cubit Score™

Now You Can Manage Partner Risk At Scale

Our non-intrusive platform allows you to see partner risks anytime you need them, and allows you to share that information privately and securely with third parties. Improve the efficiency of vendor risk management by easily adding hundreds or thousands of third-party partners and suppliers via one central, continuous platform to track and monitor security-based risk.

How SecurityScorecard Works

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