SecurityScorecard’s Fall 2020 Release: Driving Cyber Resilience and Agility

By Michelle Wu

Posted on Oct 13, 2020

2020 has brought countless changes to our personal and working lives. The sudden shift to remote work has created a new normal which, for IT and security teams, means engaging with new vendors and pivoting from longer-term goals to secure an increasingly complex attack surface. The need to adapt to these new challenges while supporting business continuity has put the spotlight on cyber resilience and agility.

At SecurityScorecard, we believe that simplifying cyber risk monitoring and third-party risk assessment workflows allows organizations to build resilient cybersecurity teams. We are thrilled to announce the newest enhancements to our platform, which are designed to help teams succeed in a shifting risk environment.

What is cyber resilience and agility?

So what does it mean to be cyber resilient and agile? It means having a streamlined and effective cybersecurity program that allows you to prioritize your organization’s most pressing security and business demands. It means reducing the impact of security issues with rapid and effective responses and minimizing downtime.

A cyber resilient organization thrives in a dynamic risk environment because its operations are efficient and unencumbered by unnecessary time-consuming manual processes. These strengths allow security teams to meet today’s top challenges, such as securing digital supply chains while operating on static or shrinking budgets.

How can your team become cyber resilient?

Our work with Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) all over the world has shown us that those who are successfully managing the shift to the new normal have embraced scalable, automated workflows to gain the flexibility needed to secure a newly remote workforce and a complex vendor ecosystem. By implementing the right tools and procedures, and choosing solutions that integrate with one another, security teams can gain more leverage out of their existing resources and technology, which helps manage costs.

In our latest ebook, How Security and IT Teams Can Manage the Shift to the New Normal, we outline three key processes of cyber-resilient organizations:

  1. Manage third-party risk at scale. Using security ratings data to gain an instant view of vendor security posture, and prioritizing due diligence and oversight accordingly, prevents cybersecurity procedures from becoming a costly bottleneck in the supply chain management process.
  2. Enable resilience through automation. Leveraging continuous monitoring—as well as automated alerts and actions—improves speed and consistency of response to cybersecurity events, resulting in fewer business interruptions
  3. Optimize spend. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and universal language to gauge and communicate risk drives informed budgetary decision-making.

Newest enhancements to support cyber resilience

At SecurityScorecard, we’re committed to helping organizations of all sizes build winning security teams. Our updated solutions further simplify cyber risk monitoring and third-party risk assessment workflows, increase return-on-investment (ROI) of existing tools, and help companies build resilient cybersecurity teams.

With over 20 new platform and product enhancements, SecurityScorecard helps your team achieve cyber resilience with:

  • A comprehensive view of risk within your vendor portfolio, all in one place.
  • More customization and efficiency in the vendor assessment process.
  • Easier team collaboration and additional transparency via automated alerts and actions, as well as public/private commenting.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations and clear API documentation to help you scale and boost the value of your risk management program.
  • New threat signals that provide better data to drive fast remediation.

Use the Fall 2020 release to your advantage

To learn more about our latest release and updated solutions:

At SecurityScorecard, we are committed to making the world a safer place by transforming the way companies understand, mitigate, and communicate cyber risk to their boards, employees, and vendors. Our solutions help companies streamline and scale their cybersecurity programs. By freeing up valuable time and resources, we help security teams gain the flexibility needed to enable cyber resilience in a changing risk environment.

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