Employee Spotlight: A Look Inside SecurityScorecard

By Imarc

Posted on Jul 19, 2017

Recently, SecurityScorecard had the honor of receiving the Business Intelligence Group’s Best Place to Work award and being named CRN’s 10 Coolest Startups of 2017. Both these awards reflect the truly talented, enthusiastic, and inspiring employees who work here.

We thought we’d dedicate a blog post to some of the people who make SecurityScorecard a unique and exciting place to work.

Mak Kolybabi, Lead Threat Researcher

Favorite Food: Popcorn

Favorite Music: Instrumental

A Place He Wants to Visit: Antarctica

What He Does: It changes depending on the project I’m working on, but for the last three weeks I have been breaking things and trying to fill in any gaps that I notice. My job allows me to focus on finding new and interesting things on the Internet.

What He Likes Most About His Job: Finding new and interesting things on the Internet. There’s a lot to like here, but the freedom to tackle interesting and valuable problems is the best part.

His Two Cents on Who Thrives Here: If you’re a self-motivated person who is not afraid to learn or to jump into new opportunities, you’ll do well here.

How He Came to Be at SecurityScorecard: Two former colleagues of mine work on the R&D team, and they told me great things about this place. I learned about the role and took the job because it lets me write my favorite kinds of programs: Internet scanners.

Julie Goodman, People and Recruiting Lead

Favorite Food: Dessert! (Specifically, ice cream, cookies, and brownies.)

Her Hobbies: Staying active - Hiking, kayaking, and Zumba.  

A Place She Wants to Visit: Buenos Aires, both to see the city and to practice my Spanish.

What She Does:  I manage recruiting for the company, which involves tasks like looking at résumés and interviewing candidates. It is people-oriented work that requires I stay informed of new developments in the external talent market, as well as internal operations at SecurityScorecard.

What She Likes Most About Her Job: There is something very satisfying about finding a candidate, taking them through the interview process,, and seeing them become an integral part of the company fabric.

Her Two Cents on Who Thrives Here: This place is a great fit for someone who is passionate about their work and who wants to build something collaboratively with their colleagues.

How She Came to Be at SecurityScorecard: I was drawn here by the entrepreneurial environment and opportunity to be a part of a company that has a product which is fundamentally valuable.  

Scott Walsh, Senior Security Researcher

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Music: Experimental ambient music

A Place He Wants to Visit: Fiji

What He Does: I get to scan the internet looking for interesting and vulnerable systems. This usually entails writing code and doing research on things that I need to be looking for. I split my time between research and testing and development.

What He Likes Most About His Job: The scale of the problem I work with is massive. It is the entire Internet, everyone, and everything.

His Two Cents on Who Thrives Here: People who are curious, who want to discover the answers to problems and who want to figure out the right way to ask questions!

How He Came to Be at SecurityScorecard: I saw someone in my network had gotten a job here and congratulated them. Soon after, I heard about an open position and joined. I was excited to be able to be a part of a team that works on problems at a huge scale.

Lauren van Oss, Customer Success Manager

Favorite Food: Tacos

Her Hobbies: skiing, soccer, and hiking

A Place She Wants to Visit: Egypt

What She Does: I am a Customer Success Manager. In addition to advocating for our customers internally, I am tasked with ensuring that any given customer can operationalize the SecurityScorecard tool.

What She Likes Most About Her Job: I love working with customers directly. I like working with the Product Team to help improve their experience to bring them even more value. It’s rewarding to help product changes come to life.

Her Two Cents on Who Thrives Here: The people that thrive best at SecurityScorecard are those who can navigate an environment where there is both a lot of flexibility and also a lot of opportunities to make an impact.

How She Came to Be at SecurityScorecard: I was previously at a bigger tech company, and I came to SecurityScorecard for the opportunity to be part of a small, agile team that could build a strategic customer success program.

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