3 Big Themes At This Year’s Gartner EMEA

By Susanne Gurman

Posted on Sep 3, 2019

What do robots, the cloud and your vendors have in common? Artificial Intelligence, cloud security, and third-party risk are all common themes at this year’s Gartner Security & Risk Management Conference (EMEA) 2019, which is running from September 9-11 in London. 

What is the Gartner Security & Risk Management Conference? 

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Conference is an annual conference designed to help security leaders improve their organization’s cybersecurity and privacy by changing their organizational culture.

This year’s conference will draw more than 1,000 of Europe's leading CISOs and IT security, risk management and IT professionals, as well as more than 50 exhibitors, including SecurityScorecard. 

The conference includes eight educational programs, which cater to various security priorities, from emerging trends to leadership and management in infosec.

Those programs include more than 80 panels, roundtables and ask the expert sessions, which will educate attendees about the latest trends when it comes to cybersecurity, risk management, data privacy, leadership and strategy. They’ll also learn practical solutions to some of their most pressing security concerns. 

This year’s security themes

Several of the same topics are cropping up across all eight of the conference tracks. Here are this year’s most prevalent themes. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

From “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Security and Risk Management” to conversations with experts about privacy risk in machine learning, AI is a big topic of discussion this year. 

That makes sense — the role of AI is growing in the infosec industry. Panels will cover the use of machine learning in infosec, and how to augment security teams with AI. Conversations will cover the dark side of AI as well because cybercriminals are well aware of AI’s role in security. This means that bad actors are both targeting machine learning and using it themselves. 

2. Cloud Security

According to Gartner, more than 30% of technology providers’ new software investments will shift from cloud-first to cloud-only by the end of 2019. It stands to reason that securing the cloud is a top priority for businesses and CISOs. This year’s conference offers an entire track devoted to Cloud Security. 

Topics include securing cloud-native applications and creating cloud policies, as well as a charmingly-named panel called “SaaS is Like a Puppy Dog.” (The upshot of that panel: Do not adopt a SaaS unless you know you’re ready to take care of it.) 

3. Third Party Risk

Supply-side risk is always a concern for organizations with large extended enterprise. After all, you can control your employee’s behavior and your company’s policies, but you have much less control over your partners and vendors. Common risks associated with vendors include everything from compliance risk to operational risk to financial and reputational loss. 

According to Ponemon’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach report, the cost of a data breach increases by more than $370,000 if a third party was the cause. 

Panels include discussions of assessing vendor risk and an expert Q&A about securing assessing partners, suppliers, and the cloud. 

(If you’re worried about having to choose between the cloud track and the vendor panels, don’t be. Some of the vendor panels and events are included in the cloud educational track.)

See SecurityScorecard at this year’s conference

Going to EMEA this year? We’ll be there, too. Stop by our booth, #P12, to see the latest SecurityScorecard platform demo, pick up some swag, and enter our raffle drawing. (Definitely enter - you could win a drone). Our executives — including the VP of International Operations and Solutions Experts — will be available for on-site meetings. You can schedule a meeting here, or,  if you’re lost, see a map of the show floor here

See you in London!

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