Could you be assessing your vendors more efficiently?

With the added pressure of work from home and new vendors onboarded to enable business continuity vendor risk management is under a stronger microscope. With businesses demanding faster onboarding, assessing vendors with endless spreadsheets and long email chains cannot hold up.

Find out how Atlas, the industry’s only completely integrated security ratings and vendor assessment solution, can save you time, money, and make your cybersecurity questionnaire exchange process more efficient.

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Efficiency Gains

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With Atlas, your organization will save time and money by conducting faster, automated, and more efficient security assessments. See the benefits that Atlas can bring your organization and get in touch to learn more.

With Atlas, you'll have an overall productivity lift in your questionnaire cycle.

Gain instant validation of your vendors' response with SecurityScorecard Ratings automatically mapped to questionnaire response, giving team back precious time.

Time Saved



To complete an assessment from start to finish without Atlas.


To complete an assessment from start to finish with Atlas.


That equates a reduction of days per assessment, enabling your team to accomplish more by reducing the third-party risk management lifecycle.

With automatic due dates, reminders, and a single dashboard to manage it all, Atlas enables you to assess more vendors and reduce risk with the same resources.

Efficiency Gains


assessments currently completed without Atlas.

assessments that can completed with current resources with Atlas.

more questionnaires

With the ability to send more questionnaires with the same resources, you can assess more third-parties and more objectively measure the security of your third-party ecosystem.

Atlas’ centralized platform leverages machine learning to automate the cybersecurity questionnaire exchange process for senders and receivers, making it two times faster, more accurate, and secure

Reduction in Total Cost


Cost of current questionnaire process without Atlas.

cost of questionnaire process and subscription with Atlas.

$ reduction in cost

Metric Value
Time Saving Benefits $
Cost of Atlas $
Benefits Minus Cost $

Benefits $

Costs $

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Whether you are sending cybersecurity assessments or responding to lengthy questionnaires, Atlas makes the process two times faster, more accurate, and secure.

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